After I dispute with creditors

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof3, Oct 17, 2000.

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    Okay I have spent the part of my day writing my dispute letters to the creditors. My quesiton is what happens now?? I requested proof of these inquiries and if they don't have the proof, then how do I go about removing them. Equifax said I could not dispute with them, just the creditor, so what happens after I contact them?? If they can't prove then do THEY let the agencies know, that doesn't seem reliable to me?? Sorry I am just not sure how this works.

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    RE: After I dispute with credi

    I disputed around 13-15 inquires a while ago. 50% of the letters I sent out came back with the normal "We can not remove inquiries. Please contact the CRA and dispute with them" or "Please provide us with more information".. Some even included a form to dispute with (same as you could get on a CRA WWW site).. Anyhow, After 1 month or so; I started to see some get removed. The rest I sent off letters once more (after 45 days) to the ones that didn't get removed. All in all I got about 60-70% removed - depending on the CRA, the rest I couldn't get taken off, even though they are all off now (2 year).

    I would send out all letters today *tomorrow*. Get your Credit Reports in about 45-50 days (sometimes it takes longer), and see if any get dropped. Once you start to get letters back, mail then once more demanding they remove them.

    Most will agree. If not, wait 30 days and try once more if you really want them gone. You will probably get another person reading your mail, or forget who you are by then.


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