airline milage credit card

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by victoria, Jun 11, 2000.

  1. victoria

    victoria Guest

    I am looking for some credit card with low annual fee (may be $20) and also meet following
    1. have some way that the milage will not expire.
    2. Have different redeem milage (2 or 3 partition ) when you travel in US
    3. Can redeem for most airline ticket.
  2. k

    k Guest offers a card with a $25 annual fee, the lowest I've found. You get miles by shopping online with their partners, or one mile for every dollar spent, I think. When your friend sign up, you get extra miles.
  3. Citibank r

    Citibank r Guest

    Citibank has a card like this its called the citimiles card. the annual fee is $20.00. every $15 equals 1 airmile. an actual airmile not anything like airline rewards programs that use reward point programs. you can redeem them for any airline ticket.

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