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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by needadvice, Aug 27, 2001.

  1. needadvice

    needadvice Member

    Are we not entitled to get Credit if a company RIPS you off and goes out of business??? Are we not Protected by Regulaton Z??? You would think so! Think Again!!!
  2. godaddyo

    godaddyo Well-Known Member

    Ohio is the most creditor friendly state in the Country. It is debtors prison and hell...
  3. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    I don't live in OH, but I think supporting this site is a great idea. It's hard to believe that a state would treat it's residents this way!! But Ohio does, from start to finish, they are pro big business, at the expense of consumers.
  4. Dani

    Dani Well-Known Member

    I may be missing something. What is their reason for boycotting the companies that they mention? What did all those organizations do? Another thing, they have boycotting Sears and Progressive on one line and if you scroll down they say buy from Sears and Progressive. Am I just a ditz or what?

  5. needadvice

    needadvice Member

    The Reason for Boycotting OHIO is because they "ALLOW" and DO NOTHING to Businesses that OPERATE Schemes! Read the FACTS! After 10,000 complaints about the Company the OHIO Attorney General Sues them but before Year is up SHE Dismisses the SUIT. Company RIPS off over 50,000 Consumers ($540,000,000!!!!) and she still lets them do business and OPEN more SCHEMES!!!
  6. needadvice

    needadvice Member

    Crooked Politics is what it is! Ohio Attorney General SUES them because of 10,000 complaints but doesn't shut them them. Let's them operate even though facts already are PROVEN that they stold $540,000,000.00 ($540 MILLION) The people Running these companies have history of opening Scams etc. She KNOWS all this!!! This is but 1 case! Read more info at:
  7. needadvice

    needadvice Member

    The REASON is that the STATE ALLOWS Crooks to DO BUSINESS. And 60,000 consumers that bought Pre-Paid Phone Cards (that never were prepaid) have NOT got JUSTICE! OHIO ATTORNEY GENERAL allowed the company to Open and Operate under same name but (NEVADA) Corporation. This was done so merchant BANK Can Collect and send LIES to BANKS as REBUTTALS. The banks got paid and sent the LIES to ARBITRATION. NOBODY got a dime back from these CROOKS. OHIO lets CROOKS Operate and STEAL Money from people. Is This Just? The OWNERS have a Loooong History of Criminal Activity but obviously they Have so MUCH money to play with... Nobody wants to Touch Them!
    Read this
  8. Dani

    Dani Well-Known Member

    So we should boycott every organization that has a store in the state of Ohio? That doesn't sound right to me. Boycotting decent businesses because of the region their store is located in is unfair. I have read the website you referred to and I believe the people deserve their day in court and the judge should be reprimanded, but discriminating against businesses isn't the way to do it.

  9. supershawn

    supershawn Well-Known Member

    Plus, the 'business' they are after was not really a 'business', it was a pyramid scheme. Notice the poster keeps using the word 'scheme'.

    Like I said before, sorry you lost money, but you should have known better. Someone always loses in a pyramid scheme, that's how it is designed.

    If I went to the race track and bet on a horse, and it lost, should I sue the jockey and boycott the state the businesses are in? NO, I knew I was gamlbing with my money.

    Pyramid schemes are not only a losing gamble, they are illiegal. 'Phone cards', 'Recipe clubs', whatever you call them, they are illegal.

    Chalk it up to experience and cut your losses.

  10. needadvice

    needadvice Member

    So they are Illegal! The STATE Allows ILLEGAL Pyramid Schemes to Operate! AMWAY Should be ILLEGAL then too!
  11. GEORGE

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

  12. godaddyo

    godaddyo Well-Known Member

    Amway is not considered a pryamid scheme. I am not a member, but I have read all about mlms and network marketing. They must offer a product or service and there main source of income cannot come from eslsewhere...
  13. travisdu

    travisdu Member

    at tad off topic but hey im bored.

    A network marketings or mlm companies sales structure actually looks nothing like a pyramid. After about the first year or two It looks more like a fractal, due to attrition and the fact that some are better at it than others.

    If network marketing was NOT fractal and truly did make a perfect progression with everyone succeeding then mlm would not work due to the geometric progression overrunning the population.

    Therefore mlm succeeds precisely because it fails.
    Wrap your brain around that for a bit lol.

    Travis U.
  14. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Re: at tad off topic but hey im bored.

    Trav, do you for for an insurance company by any chance? LOL
  15. supershawn

    supershawn Well-Known Member

    Re: at tad off topic but hey im bored.

    I don't think Ohio 'let' these people do what they did. I highly doubt they put 'pyramid scheme' on their business license application.

    I think the point is boycotting good companies like Sear over this is a bad idea. And frankly, I don't feel that you will get many people on your bandwagon.

    The people involved made a mistake. They got caught up in the idea of making a lot of money and lost their heads. It is ashame. BUT, they made the choice themsleves.

    An example...When I was in college, a 'businees opportunity' came up. It was an 'Environmental Company'. They put flyers all over campus for people to come to their 'job fair', no experience needed.

    Well, the 'environmenta company' actually 'sold' environmental products. Much like Amway. What you did was buy a 'starter pack', not from the company itself, but from a sponser. Basically, you paid about 5k for some toothpaste and toilet paper.

    There were always a few 'employees' there in suits and driving BMW's showing that they made 8k a week now and would never have to finish collge, get a job, etc.

    I watched a lot of my friends sign up. I didn't. They got loans for their 5k package and tried to get others to join, in turn selling them 5k packages. None ever got their money back.

    Now, this happened in Delaware. Delaware, because of it's tax laws, has over 95% of the fortune 1000 companies HQ's there. Should we boycott all them?

    The point is, it was a scheme, a scam. It was probably legal, but barely. You should have known better.

    Look at the scheme got in knowing that you were going to have to sell worthless, overpriced, products to your friends, neighbors, and relatives to make money. Doesn't that make you just as bad as the company itself?

    Now, I am off to buy a new Craftsman socket set (just teasing)

  16. travisdu

    travisdu Member

    Re: at tad off topic but hey im bored.

    I don't follow ya breeze?
    I just posted that cause I've always been interested in mlm but my analytic mind always had problems with the structure.

    Its curious that a lot of companies on the net are going to two tier structures for their affiliates. I don't buy all the hoopla about mlm, the fact is that if people didn't fail at it then mlm could not exist. But for some it works quite well. Just like any business venture I guess. Some will win, sum will fail and if too many win then the stronger winners will eat them. All mlms go through the same growth cycle as regular business except at an extremely accelerated rate, probably why so many fail.

    As far as this thread goes, caveat emptor is all I have to say. This society is too sue happy as it is.

    Travis Ulbricht
  17. needadvice

    needadvice Member

    Re: at tad off topic but hey im bored.

    #1 - According to the contract ... business was optional. #2 the Prepaid calling cards that we bought were "NEVER" prepaid. Never Worked! Read the BBB Report and the OHIO AG Lawsuit. Yet they STILL OPERATE! and RIP OFF More Consumers!

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