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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by rmk1825, Aug 11, 2001.

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    Hey everyone

    Here is my letter I am sending back to Dillards after they reponded to my validation request asking me for a copy of my drivers license, SS Card and a sheet of paper with my signature on it 4 times. Please read and advise!


    August 11, 2001

    Dillardâ??s Department Store
    P.O. Box 52051
    Phoenix, AZ 85072-2005

    Re: Account XXXXXXXXX

    Dear Michael:

    I am in receipt of your letter dated 08/06/2001 and cannot help but feel surprised at your request. My SSN as well as my signature were provided to you on my letter dated July 29th, 2001 and see no reason why you need copies of my driverâ??s license, SS card and 4 signatures.

    The Fair Credit Reporting Act puts the burden of proof on your shoulders. I indicated in my July 29th, letter, that this account is not mine and that you are reporting inaccurate and incomplete credit information. I requested that written proof of these alleged items, specifically the contract, note or other instruments bearing my signature be provided to me. Not only did you not address my concerns, you requested more information that I had already provided you. It seems to me, that this is just a delay tactic and that you are buying time, as you cannot prove that this account is mine.

    Please be further advised that you have 30 days from my original request, of July 29th
    to correct this information. Your failure to provide such information as I request in a timely manner may constitute evidence gross negligence on your part, the penalties for which could be severe in a court of law.


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    I think it sounds good, too! Good luck!

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    NanaC...OFF is school going?
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    OH, George, you are an angel to ask. I get the kids on Monday..been in meetings all last week. I've been teaching FOREVER but I'm SOOOO nervous this time. I wish I could tell you makes no sense...which does sound just like me, doesn't it?? teehee

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    I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman,
    "Where's the self-help section?" She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose

    A REALLY BAD PSYCHIC puts a card on my windshield...

    SHOULDN'T she know I would trash it, IF SHE WAS A GOOD ONE...
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    I hope that no one pulls that BS on me, I've already been harrassed by library people and bank people for my disputes.

    Anyhow, good luck to you. I'm glad now Dillards refused to give me and my best friends jobs when we were in high school. What a horrid company!


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