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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Julie, Mar 15, 2001.

  1. Julie

    Julie Guest

    OK, I told you all a few weeks ago, that I called Cap One, asking for my first increase. Although I had been late 3 times, I got my increase. Then, last week, I called again, and got another increase. Tonite, I called again, and, yes, another increase. I had TWO hundred dollars limit on my gold card, 3 weeks ago. Now, I have $1200. All in 3 weeks!!It's amazing how they agreed to the increases, especially since when I called, and did the automated increase, it told me NO. You know, you press 3, for increase, talk to a computer, etc... I was told no by the computer. Here is my point: Cap One has been WONDERFUL to me, even tho I had trouble a few months ago. Now, I have a providian visa, with, drum roll...... a WHOPPING $100 limit!! Now, I've had pro for almost 5 months. I have called in so many times, BEGGING for increase. I told them that it is a disgrace to have $100 in credit. I pay EARLY, I pay triple my amount due, etc. They WON'T budge. I have tried every trick in the book, to no avail. I also told them that alot of people have gotten increases within a few months, I have a perfect history with them. You know what the supervisor said? She said" Julie, you have a perfect, wonderful history with us. You are a dream customer, however your account is too new to give an increase, for at least a couplemore months"!!! So, I need to have the card for 7 months, before they up the hundred bucks? That is crazy!! I know for a fact, from reading this forum, that people get increase WAY earlier than 7 months!! Can anyone help? BTW, I tried the ol " I really like my card, but, I need more than $100 to suit my needs, can't you please reconsider, so I can stay with your company? I'd hate to close my account".
  2. AnnMarie

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    Re: AMAZING cap one vs. provi

    That's crazy! :) I only got $300.00 out of them and Citi gave me 5k right off the bat. I don't know about them....
    But I'm calling them one more time and that's it. It's crazy. They are actually going to pull my credit report that's on file to see why I was started out with such a low limit---I think it's hooey and I'll be closing it down here shortly. Thanks for letting me know they really ARE blowing smoke at me.
  3. roni

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    Re: AMAZING cap one vs. provi

    Providian review your account after 4 billing cycles, roughly 5 months after you open the account, and give you an automatic increase if you have been handling the account well. If your card is secured, that may be another issue. I only know about the unsecured PRovidian accounts. I do know that Providian reps are very stingy until you threaten to close. I dont recommend you try that now, since you only have a $100 account. What until 5 months have past. Patience.

  4. rolo

    rolo Well-Known Member

    not true

    I do not believe you recieved 3 increases in 3 weeks from them.I have been turned down 4 times for an increase and Ive never been late.There are people on this board that have been stuck with a $200.00 limit for years. WHAT MAKES YOU SO SPECIAL. you sure your not an employee of capone.because what your saying cannot be true.Ive had providian for 5 months and have recieved $600.00 in increases.
  5. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    Re: not true

    Please detail the procedure you did to get 3 increases for us. I'm amazed. Include the #'s of whom you called as well.

    inquiring minds would like to know !
  6. FatmanJake

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    Re: not true

    I'm 5 years out of Chapter 7. Got Providian 2 years ago with Horific CR's. It was $1K now it's 6k. Got Capital one about 13 months ago it was a measy $250 then $500 about 9 months later. I did the phone reponse thing got $600 two weeks ago. Got a letter in the mail for $1000 increase a day or two ago.
    Stick with Providian, they are indeed VERY generous with limit increases. Capital one seems a little stiff but they do AR's every month. I think some needed cleaning of the reports helped me out. I only wish I had the gold so I can use the rental car insurance. Hmmm.
  7. mother2

    mother2 Well-Known Member

    Keep providian

    I just got a whopping $1100 increase but Orchard Bank MC wouldn't increase my limit. $500 :eek:( I guess since the card is only 1 month old.
  8. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    Re: not true

    Capital One reads tea leaves to decide what to offer its cardholders. It simply cannot be a rational process. I was extremely disgusted when they wouldn't unsecure my account after six years. The propaganda that accompanied the offer for the secured card said I could receive unsecured status in as little as one year.

    I received no increases at all for the last two years on a $5K card secured by a $2K deposit. Perfect payment record, never overlimit, charged up to near the max. and paid down over 5-6 months during the last year I had the card. Still nothing. At the same time, I began receiving high limit cards from prime lenders at rates much lower than the 20+ APR on the Capital Once card. The only thing they did do for me was waive the annual fee. After all this, I closed the account. A month later, Cap.1 offered a $500 increase on the closed account for a deposit of $99. No thank you, Capital One.
  9. FatmanJake

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    Re: not true

    Hahah Thats probably true. Or maybe they call Ms Cleo. "Da cards dem day never lie!" Yeah it doesn't make sense that you couldn't get your account unsecured.
    I think I'm about to go through the same thing with Direct Merchants bank. I got a semi-secured card with them. They messed up a payment once and I had to speak to collections. The rep saw "there" error and still talked to me like I was a piece of %@#$. I don't think these guys like to unsecure cards too much. When I get "prime" these guys are going to be the first to go. Plus I'll get my money back and some interest out of the deal. I like carry there card because it's not easily identified as a "BAD Credit Card".
    Providian is strickly for internet purchases since they started running those darn commercials day and night!!! I wonder how many people stopped using there card because of that???
  10. Erik

    Erik Well-Known Member

    Re: not true

    I'm not sure I believe this post either. Can you scan the letters that you get that confirm your credit limit increases from Cap One? This just seems hard to believe for me.
  11. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Re: not true

    Not sure about this post, but an odd thing also happened to me on my MC. I got 300 from a regular csr, I added their "credit protection" to see if it would trigger anything, and 3 weeks later I called to try and lower my APR w/retention and got 300 increase again. 600 in less than a month. But I can't replicate this w/my Gold Visa.

    Course, I can't get an increase on my Gold Visa in the last 6 months. Not at all. Nothing.

    I think they may be very payment sensitive. On the MC I'd just made 2 pmts. 300 and 500 (in the same month b/c I really was cancelling it). On the Gold Visa I paid only 100. I also think they read tea leaves. I kept both cards, temporarily anyway.

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