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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by sam, Nov 11, 2000.

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    My cred sucks, My Chex is bad (bounced, 2 closed bank).

    American Bank ( called up, and said my new account package (checks, etc) got returned because i put my work city zip code down instead of my home city zip. (wierd, 2 miles apart). Asked me to correct my address and sending them out again. They verified i was approved for checking account.

    Anyways, word out for another online bank that *MAY* be lenient.
    This bank, btw, sent me the starter kit even though i did not send any cash, and they expect the $100 deposit minimum upfront.

    me and my ex-wifey both share the same bad credit etc. I was recently approved for and she was denied based on chex.
    I was also denied for all local banks due to chex.

    There has to be some rhyme or reason to their scoring model. I don't know.

    Perhaps someone else with chex will try pcbanker and let us know.

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