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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Alex, Jun 17, 2001.

  1. Alex

    Alex Well-Known Member


    What is the difference as far as benefits go between the AMEX GOLD and AMEX BLUE?
    Which one is better? Thanks.


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  2. sph88

    sph88 Well-Known Member

    Benifits?Hands down Amex Gold.
  3. Surphie

    Surphie Well-Known Member

    Gold -charge card- has a $75 annual fee, Blue -credit card- has no annual fee. Rewards program: Gold has Membership Rewards program, Blue the BlueLoot program.
  4. crave1wave

    crave1wave Well-Known Member

    gold card by far!!!
  5. steve

    steve Well-Known Member

    Both cards give you:

    Price Guarantee
    Extended Warranty
    Car Rental Insurance
    Purchase protection

    With AMEX Gold you can enroll in Membership Rewards if you pay the enrollment fee of $40 per year. Also, you get access to Gold Card events.
  6. Sorin

    Sorin Well-Known Member

    I think you can enroll in the rewards program if you have Blue too. You have to pay the membership fee though. And anyway, you cannot have the rewards program and blue loot at the same time... you have to choose one.
  7. steve

    steve Well-Known Member

    Can you enroll in Membership Rewards if you only have Blue and no other AMEX cards, especially charge cards? I thought you have to have a charge card like Green, Gold, or Platinum and then you would be able to link the Rewards to the Blue.
  8. Surphie

    Surphie Well-Known Member

    if you have Blue only, you get BlueLoot points (not Membership Rewards). Other cards (like the Optima Card) does not have a special rewards feature.

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