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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by niecy25, Nov 1, 2000.

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    Secured Optima American Express Card--**** niecy25

    I just wanted to let all of you know who have secured optima american express cards that they are discontinuing the program. I just sent off my deposit a couple of days ago and called to check and see if they have recieved it. They said the deposit and application will be returned and that the program was cancelled on th 24 of Oct. They said 37,000 customers have the card and they are checking to see if they can be switched over to a regular card. Those who can't be switched will have their balances paid out of their savings deposit account and remaining balances will be sent back to them. I got this from one of the supervisor over the Centurion Bank. I think this really sucks!!!!. I was really looking forward to getting this card. Oh well.
  2. Cadillac408

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    Oh really?

    I am a card holder also. I got my card on 8/23. I wonder how they are going to determine who is eligable for conversion and who isn't? Interesting....

    Did you see the post from Mike? He got a limit increase on his secured Optima. Maybe they just converted it to a regular Optima and are sending him his deposit back? Humm.....

    When did you send in your deposit and stuff? I'm curious because I know there's a couple of people that applied like less than a month ago and Am/Ex cashed their check and everything.....I wonder what the cut off date was? Maybe they cashed their checks so they could return their money w/ an Am/Ex check instead of trying to send back their original check???? I'm speculating...
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    How did you find this information out? Did they send you an email or did you call to check the staus of your app??? Elaborate...
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    Um. Mp40 girlfriend.

    Mp, she said as of 10/24 no more applications. So I guess that would be the cut off date. She also said that she CALLED them to check out the status of her application. Any other questions I can answer. lol.
  5. Cadillac408

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    O.k. Smart ASS! :)

    Sorry...I just skimmed over her post and I guess I was sort of in shock a bad! Dang......can you blame a sister? :)
  6. roni

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    That's ok "Speedy"

    Dont get mad when you look up.~~ AMEX-JASON. I aint done
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    RE: Also....

    I sent my off on Monday by Priority mail, and I called in to check status and that was how I found out

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