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  1. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    Many of you know me from this board from my occasional commentary.

    I filed Chap 13 in 1996. Medical reasons.
    I have been rebuilding ever since with FCNB, Providian, and Cap One. Perfect on all.

    I have owed AMEX $1111 since 1979. I called AMEX today and told them point blank I owed them money from 20 yrs ago and wanted to pay it off. It was $1111.
    I got the address from the nice rep and mailed it off.

    I then asked them if it would be possible to rebuild a relationship with them? I told them:
    I have just opened AMEX Membership Banking /checking and savings and deposited $1000 into each.

    I would like to get a secured optima.

    The Rep was very very nice and asked about my overall credit. I told her Chapter 13 and she told me chances were slim. We continued to talk, and I told her about my illness and that's why the Chap 13.
    She said, she would absolutely try and help me get not the secured optima, but a GREEN CARD.

    She said to wait about 10 days to clear the old balance check, then to call her directly to apply over the phone for the card. She told me she had the decision authority to approve me.

    She also mentioned I should immediately enter the 100 word statement on the credit reports and explain the Chap 13 occurred due to now solved medical reasons.
    She gave me the 800#s of all 3 agencies.

    She also said she had talked to many people
    who were previously very ill, then luckily have recovered.

    I also mentioned that I have already made 90K so far this year. I am prepared to fax her my tax returns, latest check, etc. if she wants.


    Even if they turn me down, this has already been the very best customer service I have ever experienced.

    I believe AMEX will give me another chance.
    I believe they can help if everyone benefits.
  2. creditwork

    creditwork Well-Known Member

    It is not all complaints. It is nice to hear a good story for a change. I happen to agree with you, AMEX has excellent customer service. They are an extremely friendly company towards the small business owner.
    I have a number of accounts with them both personal and business and never had any problems.

    Profit from the experience.
  3. rick

    rick Well-Known Member

    Let us know what happens. I am in the same situation with AMEX. I owe them about $1000 from 1989, and would like to be a cardmember again. I'm curious if you are able to get the Green card. You can email me personally.
  4. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    Hey - I forgot to mention 2 items:

    One thing she asked while trying to help was if I was tied in any way to a small business - possibly get a corp card of some type. Not in my case- 16 yrs same company/


    She said that when AMEX received the payoff of the old account, they would report to the credit bureaus PAID as AGREED. It would appear with 60-90 days from now.

    Again, she understood my situation, my current income abilities, and my new health status. I would be pleased to carry a Green Card. It would match my AMEX Membership Banking ATM card.
  5. MichaelOH

    MichaelOH Guest

    Dog, 1)was it your impression that it would be easier to get a small business card? I am in much the same situation as you in terms of owing Amex from 20 years ago, but they keep sending me apps for a small bus card. 2) Did they nail you for any interest, or were they satisfied with the principle?
  6. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    they were satisfied without interest.
    They viewed it as the customer came back, voluntarily, and paid off on his debt.

    They are doing me a great favor putting Paid as Agreed on the credit reports.
    They told me my score would improve with that
    on my reports.

    They are really helping.
    I hope I can get a Card.
  7. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member


    1- I think they easily can give out a sm biz card - that was her first question. My company uses Citibank.

    2- They did not ask for interest, and she told me my credit score would improve when my AMEX reference appeared on TRW, etc in 60-90 days. She's really finding every courtesy to get me approved.

    I think they will forgive if you are upfront and just pay it off - but - time will tell.

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