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  1. i'ts me

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    I received my plantinum card today, I don't mean to complain but my limit was only $2000 with $400 for cash advance. I have a chase plat with $5,000 so I was suprised at the low limit. What I woundered is if I can apply for another card with them and get more credit available to me? I'm not sure you can have more than 1 card at a time. Thanks
  2. Sorin

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    From what I know, you cannot have more than
    one AMEX account. But I have read some
    postings on this forum saying that you can
    call them and ask them to match your highest
    existing credit line (5000 in your case)

    However, this is not first hand experience
    since I don't have an AMEX yet...
  3. Saar

    Saar Banned

    I have 2 Amex cards, though both are credit cards (I'm not interested in charge cards). Don't apply for additional cards unless you really need them.

    During the first 30 days since the Amex card is activated, you can call Amex New Accounts department (1800-962-7227) and request a "preliminary" credit increase. That is the formal way.

    The formal way didn't work for me. Upon requesting to cancel the card (for that you dial the # on the back of the card), which I was ready to do, the credit limit was tripled without further negotiation. The rep didn't even transfer me to anyone else, she simply approved it, noting the increase is "effective immediately".

    Good luck! Amex is the best in the industry.


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