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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by C, May 23, 2000.

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    I just checked my credit report for the first time ever last month and found that I have an American Express account, a credit card most likely, with a limit of almost $10,000. It was opened in 1991 when I was only 13, but has been in excellent standing for the past 9 years so I can only assume it was opened jointly with one of my parents. My mother says it's not her and since my father's dead, well you get the point. Now I don't exactly know what type of account it is; it's listed not as a bank credit card on my Equifax report, but as other. Whatever it is, I'm entitled to it right? If it is a credit card, I am entitled to request that one be sent to me right, since I am now over 18? I'm a little new at how this all works so any help would really be great. Thanks.
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    Stranger things have happened. Has your mom been receiving any bills? If the account is being reported on your files, then you have the account number for reference. You could go to the AMEX web site and set up a member login. And see if it is being used. Being young, and having a $10,000 line of credit on your files can be cool, but also it can be harmful. Harmful in that potential creditors may think you already have too much credit, there by denying you new trade lines.

    Its worth investigating, especially if you are a victim of identity theft.

    See if your mom can shed any further light.

    Good Luck,

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    My mother knows nothing about it. She's never received any bills and I just sort of assumed it was one of my parents since it was opened when I was only 13. If it is a case of identity theft, no one has been "screwing me over" per se, since the account has been and is in good standing for the last nine years. I don't see a balance on it as of this month. The main problem is is that even though I have a credit report from every bureau, none of them list the entire account number. It's been difficult getting through to AMEX obviously because of this reason. By the way, does AMEX still have their policy to pay off the entire balance each month? Thanks.
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    Yes, AMEX has the policy of paying off the card each month, but they also offer "credit" cards (vs. "charge" cards) which allow you to revolve the balance. I have the Platinum AMEX that is due in full each month.

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