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Discussion in 'General Lounge' started by Erica, Sep 12, 2001.

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    I just wanted to say that the community of Rochester, NY has come together to gather supplies for the emergency workers who have been summoned to NYC. At about 8am, one local retail store opened to accept donations for the workers, and the need has been met. The donations consisted of pillows, blankets and cots because the EMS personnel have been sleeping on the streets.

    I know that in times like these, the nation needs to come together as one and forget about our differences. It seems like this has been accomplished.

    The only sad thing about people coming together, is that it takes tragedies like these to do that. We should come together like this EVERYDAY OF OUR LIVES. Life is too short to hold grudges. FORGIVE.
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    Life is too short for a lot of things. Resentment, fear, lying, procrastination, greed, envy, self-deception, etc.

    Especially procrastination. Whatever you need to do, you should do it now.

    It's so good to see people helping each other for a change instead of just building their portfolios, their resumes, and their self-images. I really admire the people in Rochester for helping out like this.

    Myself, I've given blood for years and intend to donate again soon. I also want to help keep America safe from any future terrorist acts.

    Consider me paranoid if that's what it takes to get you to remember this. The people who tell you that the world has changed, and that we have to accept a greater risk of terrorism in the future, are wrong. There were very good reasons that nothing like this happened before yesterday. And there were very compelling reasons why it finally happened yesterday.

    One of the big reasons is globalization. Open borders, free trade, etc. greatly increase the risks of terrorism. We should enjoy a free society, yes. But only for Americans. Not for everyone in the world. Not for every resident of a totalitarian state who wants to visit here. Not for every member of a tribal society who wants to come here and harass people born in America.

    Another compelling reason is the utter prostitution of our schools and universities. Apparently some of the murderers had been trained to fly airplanes at some sort of school in Florida. That is very, very wrong. We should only share American skills and technology with people who share American values. By that, I mean traditional values like responsibility, self-control, self-respect, honesty, reason, civility, patriotism, public virtue, equal protection, limited government, free elections, the rule of law, and so forth. But some schools and universities will admit anyone who pays the tuition, because of their greed for that last marginal dollar.

    Other people, either taxpayers or donors, provide most of the money for higher education. Talk about American generosity! Foreign students almost never pay their own way. Even if they did, they would still owe America something. But they almost never pay their own way, so their debt to America is obvious.

    Yet major universities admit some foreign (including Arab) students who cheat in their classes, cheapen their degrees, sneer at American values, and call American women *****s. And the excuse for all this is that they pay a small amount of tuition to the university.

    We need to find people who share our values, and quit giving foreigners everything they demand. I'm going out on a limb by even writing this, but it's because I care about you and share your values.

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