AmEx Authorized User- scoring?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tnguy, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. tnguy

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    Hi Everyone,

    My friend just added me as an AU on his Amex Blue account ($19k CL, $5k balance). I'm hoping this was a good addition for me, as my highest CL is $4000 on a Fleet Classic card. Does anyone have any idea how this will affect my score, or if it will just land me higher credit limits when I apply for cards in the future?

    My EFX Fico is hovering at 652, and I have two neg TLs that are about to come off. I'm going to dispute them and (hopefully) watch my score go up, then apply for some prime cards.


  2. PsychDoc

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    FICO doesn't ignore AU accounts. In other words, so long as the main account holder pays his bills on time, your score will be helped. If he's late, though, your score will be hindered, and you'll find yourself on the phone with the CRAs saying something like, "I never asked him to add me anyway -- remove that tradeline and block it from my report!" Believe it or not, they'll do it. (At least that's my experience getting a few 30 day lates removed from my reports which were AU accounts on my wife's cards.) Of course, if you really don't remove yourself from those accounts at that point, the tradelines may reappear when everything reports again during the next billing cycle.


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