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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by RichGuy, Apr 11, 2001.

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    I was just reviewing the American Express web site, looking specifically for credit (not charge) cards. I noticed the 8.9% (until paid off) rate for balance transfers to Optima Platinum. Does the AmEx Blue card offer balance transfers? I couldn't find any mention of that at the AmEx site or by searching this site.
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    Re: AmEx Blue Answer

    I found my own answer in the small print. The rate is 9.99%, for the life of any balance transferred within the first six months. Thanks for reading my question, or for any other comments. :)
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    Re: AmEx Blue Answer

    On the very first page of Blue it says the following:

    "Transfer Balances Fee-Free
    Transfer balances from your higher-rate MasterCard®, Discover®, and Visa®: cards to your American Express®: Card account with no transaction fee! Then enjoy the low APR: 9.99% for life of balance!"

    Not sure how you missed it and why you had to look at the fine print.
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    Re: AmEx Blue Answer

    All creditors needs to do away from this "fine print" thing.It is deceiving to anyone want to understand the terms of any offer.Everything should be written with normal size letters,etc.This should help alot of people out as far with their reading these offers.
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    Re: AmEx Blue Answer

    One word of caution -- all of your payments go to the lower rate balance first - anything you charge on the card will sit and accumulate finance charges until you've 1st paid the lower-rate stuff.

    Kind of sucks - but it's business. Keep the card in your drawer and use it for bal xfer only.

    That's why I lean more toward cards that offer "everyday low rates" ... I'm keeping most of my balances on Chase (they keep renewing low rates.... I love 'em! 9 months at 2.9, 9 more at 5.9... what's next?) and NextCard (8.49%).


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