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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Feena LaRu, Jul 4, 2000.

  1. Feena LaRu

    Feena LaRu Guest

    I have been offered and have accepted the Cenution Card. I charge $400,000 per month for travel and business. I have held AMEX Plat for 1 yrs and Green and gold for 10 months B4 that.

    That was 24 months ago. That's when I received my $200 Capital One Visa Gold Card that built my credit rating.
  2. Customer S

    Customer S Guest

    Dear Ms LaRue:

    Of course we will extend all courtesies of
    AMEX to cardholders like yourself. We also wanted you to know that in the may - july time period in 1999, you spent for your cocaine purchases $350,000 per month.

    If you increase your cocaine card use to $500,000 per month over the same time period this year, we will send you a complimentary

    Thanks Ms. LaRue - oh - we like the bleach
    job in the latest Post Ofc display :)
    Centurion Card

    OH Ms LaRue, would you be willing to co-sign for a Ms Chitlin Smythe? She needs a card so she can quit picking cotton.

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