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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Saar, Dec 14, 2000.

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    As a new Amex cardmember, I recall checking just a few weeks ago the terms for Amex Bank accounts. I wasn't very impressed at the time.

    Whether this is to imply a promotional change or a real one, Amex Banking now offers far better terms.

    Take their Money Markey account, for example. 5.65% APY, low monthly maintenance fee, $5, which is currently waived for the first 6 months, free online billpay plus a $50 bonus for the initial $1K deposited (You have to come from the right web page to get the bonus. Try Bankrate's:

    Not bad at all -- I'll give it a try and come back to report. If anyone spots another good banking deal, please share.

    (For those interested, try savings center)

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    RE: Amex Centurion Membership

    What do know about their interest checking account? Is the rate comparable to others or better/worse?
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    RE: Amex Centurion Membership

    Saar - I already have reg chnk and svngs with AMEX Centurion Membership Bank - I will check out that $1K minimum for the account.

    thx as always -

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