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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Killer, Nov 17, 2000.

  1. Killer

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    Well I guess I'm not on CheckSystems..Yippee!

    I was afraid I might be so I prolonged applying for AMEX checking account. Well I took a chance and applied yesterday. All in one day I applied, fax a voided check and the signature card from their website, and was approved. Just hours after I applied they gave me my account number. Now I can start saving extra cash for the new upcoming secured card.

    Speaking of secured card, I was a little worried that my deposit from my rejected secured optima hadn't arrived. My app was rejected because I applied after the card was terminated. Wanting to know where was my deposit, I called. The rep told me the deposit had been mailed and also said that the new secured card could possibly be ready at the end of 01/2001 or the beginning of 02/2001. She said nothing was certain.
  2. Cadillac408

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    That's Great!!!!! Congratulations Killer...

    What ever happened to Niecy and the status of her app? She was on chexsystems...

    Well I took one step in the Am/Ex banking direction by applying for the Cobalt card to use as a debit card when I open up my Am/Ex checking account (pending Niecy's results).

    On a flip note: I was thinking about getting a report from Chexsystems and disputing the entry from BofA. I've noticed that BofA sold my account to some collection agency. Maybe they might not verify the debt???
  3. Eboni

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    B of A

    I had an account with BofA in college. The account was a savings and was on "E" most of the time. Nayway they changed the type of account and started charging me monthley fees. to make a long story short the account was closed with a NSF and a bad mark on checksystems.

    The bank has been bought and sold and computer systems changed so much they can't verify any of the info.

    Dispute it and it will be removed.
  4. Killer

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    RE: Cool!!!

    I don't know what happened to Neicy. Her last post on this subject said that they were still processing her app.

    How does the Cobalt card work? The rep told me that they are mailing me an ATM card for my new checking acct and the card can be used at any PULSE machine. Are you saying the Cobalt card can be used wherever AMEX card is accepted? Sort of like a VISA check card?

    Dispute....I have found that a creditor usually does not respond to a dispute when the balance is zero.
  5. Cadillac408

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    RE: Cool!!!

    At the suggestion of Eboni, I will dispute it. But the balance is NOT's $1200+ according to the collection agency (including interest)!!!!!!

    I sent Niecy an email asking her to report back to the boards to let us know her outcome. Hopefully she'll respond.

    Yes, the Cobalt card is a pre-paid Am/Ex card that you can fund using your checking account. The card that Centurion Bank sends you is a standard ATM card w/ no symbol (ie Visa, MC). At least w/ the Cobalt card, you can make purchases anywhere Am/Ex is accepted using your Am/Ex checking account to fund the card (you basically have to transfer funds from you checking to the card, it's not immediate like a Visa Check card). It's not as good as having a Visa/MC Check card (seeing that Visa/MC are accepted just about everywhere!) but at least it's something! You should of asked the rep if they were going to come out w/ a Am/Ex check card.
  6. river

    river Well-Known Member

    Congrats Killer!!!! I opened a "interest checking" account last week with Amex and the same with you,I faxed the voided check to open acc't and signature card and had a acc't # in about an hour.I'm waiting for my ATM card and checks now. Called tis a.m. and rep said ATM card and checks are on the way!!!! Congrats AGAIN!!!Wish you further luck with Amex.
  7. Cadillac408

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    I sent Niecy and Instant Messa

    So, I sent Niecy and email and I also noticed (from her Yahoo profile) that she has Yahoo Messenger and that she was 'on-line' so I added her to my buddy list and sent her a message. I'm waiting for her response. Hopefully she'll post.....
  8. Killer

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    RE: I sent Niecy and Instant M


    How do I aquire a Cobalt card?
  9. Killer

    Killer Guest


    It's about time I don't get denied for something!
  10. river

    river Well-Known Member

    It was that way here also at one time,but gradually the negatives lose its' weight and the older the negatives are, the point system gets lower and lower. I gues it's just a waiting game. Things should start happening for you here out. I wish you the best of luck and hope all your desires come you way.
  11. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    RE: I sent Niecy and Instant M
  12. niecy25

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    RE: I sent Niecy and Instant M

    Hi everyone,
    I know everyone is waiting to hear what happened however, I guess no news is good news. I called today they said it is still in pending status. They told me it would take 7 to 10 days. Today is number 8 she said I should here something by Friday at the latest. As soon as I hear I will let you know good or bad. Just a side note when I called to check status of my application customer service act like they really have a problem with me calling to check. I will probally call on Monday and if I get the same treatment I am going to ask to speak to a supervisor to see if maybe they can do a better job with their reps attitude.

    Wish I had more to add maybe next week

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