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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by milmil, Oct 6, 2000.

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    I work in field which required me to travel a lot , my employer offer corp card which I applied and got denied when I spoke with amex rep he told me reson for denied is judgement $440 I was not even aware of this judjement untill he told me so i dispute this judgement , got luck and able to remove the judgement from experian only , trans union once drop the item but was reinserted 3 months later , question is how hard is to get the corpp amex , I worked in pretty big company .
    my currently score is 575 alll charge off /collections are paid off .
    please advice

    thx .
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    Iteresting.....I got my Corporate card in June right before I started cleaning up my credit. I had collections, charge offs, messed up student loans that were reporting inaccurately, and a $1200 judgement and they still gave me a card! I was shocked to say the least. My card did come with spending restrictions (travel: $5k retail: $500). But I got the card. I would just try to reapply and see what happens.

    I was told by my companies Am/Ex site administrator that if you are denied for the Corporate card that your boss can "Guarentee" your card...meaning that if you default on any charges that you boss with have to cover it out of the department budget. So, basically accounting will pay it and then charge your boss's dept back. So, I guess it's kinda like co-signing.

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