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    I just got off the phone with Centurian Bank and asked the CSR if Amex will ever get a Amex Debit Card (like Visa's).

    He replied that we may see it in January, as the Management is talking about it!

    One other reason to open an account with Centurian Bank!
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    I thought that Amex had a debit card out called "The Cobolt Debit Card".Wouldn't this be the same as a gift card,where you apply so many $$ and once you use it up,just discard the card or is it like a check card? If you have a checking acc't with them,you are sent a "check card" or some call "a debit card".
    Only difference is it doesn't have the mastercard or visa symbol.
  4. Michael

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    If Centurian Bank rolls out a debit card with it BRANDED AMEX it will work at any merchant who accepts AMEX.

    Right now Centurian banks cards only work in Star, Honor, The Exchange, and 5-6 other small networks.

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