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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Saar, Nov 18, 2000.

  1. Saar

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    Ok, we all know that one of the FICO score factors is whether you have the right "mixture" of tradelines, i.e. credit cards, retail cards, installment loans, mortage, etc.

    I recently got my Equifax credit report, and noticed a very strage thing about Amex: While the Blue is reported as a "credit card", the Optima Platinum ISN'T. As if it were a different kind of tradeline.

    At first I wanted to call Amex right away to correct it. But on second thought, given what we already know about the importance of "mixture", maybe I shouldn't do anything.

    Your comments are welcome.

  2. Momof3

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    RE: Amex entry in Equifax cred

    May I ask what the Optima is reported as???
  3. dave

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    RE: Amex entry in Equifax cred

    According to the Equifax "How to Read Your Credit File" sheet, there are three types of accounts:

    O=Open (entire balance due each month)
    R=(payment amount variable)
    I=(fixed number of payments)

    Saar, I would assume that since both the AMEX Blue and the AMEX Platinum Optima are lending products - revolving accounts, that is - both should be R1(I hope you are keeping your AMEX accounts R1!!!!!)

    Is one of them reporting as O1???
  4. sam

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    RE: Amex entry in Equifax cred

    Actually, back in the days, years years ago, i've seen ALL amex at O lines and several store charge (credit,whatever) cards as O lines too.

    I think amex is just ancient in some of their ways :)

    The Optima, originally, was a credit line, in which you could sign over a portion or all of your Amex bill to, and was not even a credit card. (Info: father, about 15 years ago i would read the bills and see this option, very high interest like 16% too). If i can remember back that far i think it was called the Amex Optima Centurion Bank line, and came as a separate sheet of paper to send back with the normal charge line bill.


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