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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Pat, Nov 3, 2001.

  1. Pat

    Pat Well-Known Member

    Congrats on your new Amex!!!

    I've been perusing PFB letters looking for some templates to send to Amex regarding my recent rejection. I came across a letter that I believe was yours (titled:Insulting AmEx rejection). If it was in fact yours, did it do any good??

    I see from your other post that you got denied green, I'm assuming that was what the letter was for. Did you get the Blue on an application only or did you have to follow up?

    It doesn't look like they even pulled an inquiry for me, so I'm assuming that they are going off internal records of my Gold card that they closed on me for being repeatedly late.

  2. Pat

    Pat Well-Known Member

    BUMP :)

    I was wrong above. They pulled my Equifax, which is my worst :(

    Next time I'll spell PsychDoc right :)
  3. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    I know! They pull Experian for EVERYONE but me (and you Pat) Equifax was my worst and I got dissed by Blue from an Eq pull, I sent an updated Equifax report via snail mail to Amex (2 stubborn but very old negs left), and refuted their "denial reasons" with answers like:

    Length of credit history too short: "I have been on Experian, Equifax, and TU, since 1977. I have lived at the same address for over 20 years, I have been at the same job for 5 years...what part of that history is too short?"

    We'll see what happens.

    -Peace, Dave
  4. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member

    Hi, Pat, sorry I missed your post but thanks for the kudos! I was rejected for AmEx Green during the summer, and the PFB letter did no good. As for my AmEx Blue approval a couple of days ago, I applied online and was approved with no follow-up needed. My pre- and post-lawsuit Equifax credit files reflect the difference in outcome. Keep us posted how it all goes for you!

  5. Pat

    Pat Well-Known Member

    No problem, thanks for the reply. In fact I just sent you an email with the link.

    I think I'll save the grief of trying to get a reconsideration out of Amex. I just need to get the last 2 bulletproof derogs off my equifax and I should be good to go. I think I was getting a little ahead of myself trying to get blue without a clean record and higher score.

    I was hoping they pulled TU or EX. Oh well :)
  6. fingrrrl

    fingrrrl Well-Known Member

    I wish they'd pull Experian for me, but no! Transunion all the damn time and of course it's my worst!

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