Amex: Free travel equipment

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    Here are the links, followed by the catch:

    1. Travel Alarm Clock with Calendar:

    2. Weekender Bag:

    3. Travel Bag:

    Where is the catch:

    You have to enroll in Amex travel programs: Automatic Flight Insurance, Premium Baggage Protection and Travel Medical Protection, respectively.

    Now the first 2 don't require any enrollment- or annual fees. There are only per-trip fees, charged if and when you use your Amex card to book a flight. Of course, you could cancel at any time and still keep the gifts.

    The third involves an annual fee. If you cancel within 30 days you keep the gift and still get a full refund.

    Disclaimer: Read all the fine print. Enroll at your own risk. Ok that should keep my *** covered :)


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