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  1. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    Hey all:

    I found out today that I was approved for the full American Express Green Card! :)


    1. I owed AMEX $1K for 20 yrs, and paid that off.
    2. Explained I wanted to hopefully re-establish a new relationship with AMEX.
    3. I had a Chap 13 so I wanted a Secured Optima. I explained in full detail to the AM why I had the Chap 13- probable terminal
    illness in 1996. The drugs came out and I've been working and making money ever since. Even though I lived, now my credit was shot.
    The Account Manager advised me to try to go for a full regular AMEX Green Card.
    I told her my credit references were:
    Cap One MC $2300 limit
    Providian Visa $3200 limit
    FCNB MC $2700 limit
    United Travel $2400 limit
    Spiegel $ 400 limit
    Current A rating since Chap 13 in 1996.

    She said she would help me get a Card.
    Anyway, thanks to lots of advice on this board, I have successfully graduated from Chapter 13 credit to AMEX in less than 4 yrs.

    These secured cards also helped qualify my getting this one.

    Doris, Creditsense, Creditmania, all -
    my credit history will change DRAMATICALLY immediately with the AMEX Green Card.
    Yes, they report - its a regular card.

    I bet I get some nice prime V/MC offers now.

    Goes to show you all companies really are human beings.. you have to talk to a live person to overlook a situation, and this
    happened here.

    AMEX is great! And frankly, I will treat it as a privilege to carry it.

    Dogman will not be the name printed on the Card though :)
  2. dave

    dave Well-Known Member


    that is a very gratifying story. i admire your persistence.
  3. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    thanks to you too- looks like we live in the same town based on your IP address.
  4. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    Congrats! You're an inspiration to all. Great victory!
  5. TurningCre

    TurningCre Guest


    Which Providian card do you have. Did it take 2 yrs to get to your present limit? What did they start you with and what was the limit increase schedule. I hear they are the best for increases. The Aria web-site allows on-line applications. Do they consider you for any card you qualify for when you apply on line?
  6. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    I have a card that is a hybrid. It is a Classic but looks like a Platinum, and even the bill says Platinum on it. Thew card has Plat benefits.

    I put up $49 for $1000 limit - about 2 yrs ago. Neverlate /never overlimit. At maybe 18 months they gave me another $1000 for $49 - and told me that I would continue to get more credit as long as my record was great.
    Six months later they gave me $200 on the phone and the computer gave me another $1000.
    I expect the limit to be $4200 in dec.
  7. BarryN - C

    BarryN - C Guest

    Suggest Providian Classic


    Applying at will result in you getting the card you qualify for. If you have poor history, you'll get the Persona.

    My experience is with the providian classic card. I have a feeling their credit increase leniency is limited to that offering(not the Aria), and I suggest you apply with them. I do not have the 800 number on hand, but if you need I will post it. I started with the card in Nov 98 $500 limit... and in Feb. 00 my limit was $6000. You are right about their limit increases.

    Good Luck,

  8. BarryN - C

    BarryN - C Guest

    WTG Dogman!

    You are a light in the darkness... keep up the good work.


  9. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    RE: Suggest Providian Classic

    "Applying at will result in you getting the card you qualify for. If you have poor history, you'll get the Persona"

    Unfortunately, everything I've read about this company/card over the past year suggests that their defination of poor credit is ANY negative notation (meaning one 30-day late 6 years 11 months back and you get stuck with the Persona)

    While the same applicant stands an excellent chance of being granted any number of prime cards from the lower tier prime companies.

    Its leads to the conclusion that the Aria branch cares soley for the fees (annual in particular) that they garner from the Persona. Combine that with their scandulous practise of sending pre-activated cards to their applicants and I see Aria as a company to avoid.

    Its ironic that the company Aria that was set up to distract attention from the disgraced Providian Classic label is far worse.

    I agree go with the Providian Classic.
  10. Michael

    Michael Guest


    I am seeing both positive and negative posting os Aria. My impression is fairly neutral.

    On one hand I think they do extend credit more liberal than others for new applicants. But they also screw you on the fees, and treatment.

    The point of this post is just to say that two people I helped with establishing new credit have done well as using the Aria as a stepping stone. Both got $1000.00 credit from Aria which to it's credit does report well to the bureaus. One got the $10,000.00 Discover card, and the other got a Pre-approved Associates Visa offer yesterday and a $5,000.00 AMEX Optima Card!

    Use the Aria card to your advantage, but after it's served it's purpose get rid of it!
  11. TurningCre

    TurningCre Guest

    RE: Suggest Providian Classic


    Please post the number. Thanks

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