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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by IamBuzzed, Apr 24, 2001.

  1. IamBuzzed

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    Does anyone know the requirments for this card? The only assumption is that you must be a student. Wouldn't that make this card the eeasiet AMEX card to obtain? I would like to get AMEX card, but i was rejected for regular green and the blue card. Anyone who have this card, please give me any info. thx
  2. Aux

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    3 Years ago, When I was in college I applied for Amex Gold for Student and got approved and use it until now even I graduated already. It was my first Credit card. I applied online and just put the college name, telephone# and address. I guess they might varify with your college. 3 Weeks later, Amex Gold was in the mail. Hope this helps.

  3. Jason-AMEX

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    I had the Optima card for students 3 years ago. About 2 months after getting the card, I applied for the regualr personal card and got denied. About 3 months later I applied for the Rewards plus gold card and got approved! Who knows? You should have a good chance of getting the personal card for students or Blue for students as well.
  4. molly

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    what about negatives

    Do you have to be a full time student?
    Can you have any negatives? For either green or blue student cards.

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