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  1. Momof3

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    Ok I posted my problems before and I still can't use Amex ISP, everytime I try to sign on it throws AOL back on. I have tried changing my interent settings to AMEX but it doesn't seem to work. If anybody has changed ISP lately please tell me what I am doing wrong???

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  3. miles

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    Mom, does AmEx have a tech support line? I'm sure they experience this type of problem all the time. Maybe they can help?
  4. Vankat

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    Have you tried removing AOL from the control panel/Add Remove programs??
  5. SisterGirl

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    Hey lady,

    I was getting the same thing all the time;what I did to fix it was to go into control panel & change your dial up network to "new connection",enter information,then make it your default.

    It will take some back & forth until you probably get it.

    Sister Girl
  6. Momof3

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    Thanks all. It appears our problem is that Internet explorer browser is through AOL, we have been working at this all day. I am now able to get on Amex ISP but it still goes through AOL which of course is defeating my purpose for free interent lol. Anyway I want to make sure it works properly somehow before I remove AOL, b/c I would be lost without my internet. We will keeping plugging along here til we get it right.

  7. Jugnoo

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    I've been trying AMEX ISP for a few months. I haven't found it reliable enough to disconnect my ISP (AOL now, mindspring earlier). It keeps dropping the connection every 10 to 15 minutes. It's okay as a backup only.
  8. Nave

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    If you are available Sunday night I will help you in the Chat session. It will be easier to fix one-to-one so I can determine what the cause is. It is my day job to help with these matters so I am sure we can fix all your problems. Don't get frustrated. As far as the line dropping out there are methods of fixing that as well as long as Amex does not have some kind of auto-kill that frees up their line ever 10 mins. -Dave
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    A couple of years ago I was visiting my son who was on AOL, and discovered that he was using a browser that was not IE which was what I was used to....I installed IE, put a shortcut on the desktop, and was able to go online with IE, even with AOL as the ISP.... kinda sounds like maybe this might work for you, Mom. I think you would need to do as Sister Girl suggests and make a new connection in the Dial-up, then set your IE browser with this page as your start page ;) BTW, IE is Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are on AOL this may not be clear to you.
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    The easy way would be just to use Netscape and bypass IE.

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