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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ALAN, Apr 17, 2001.

  1. ALAN

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    Jason and all Amex cardholders:

    Im not sure how many of you all have the amex online ISP connection but I have some questions if you do. Is it just me, or is Amex changing the setup of their free ISP. I connect this morning and a message comes up stating that from now on, I have 35 free hours to use per month and any time after that will be billed to my amex card account. Also my connection times have decreased from 50.66 bps to 28.80 bps in the past few days. I hope Im not the only one getting hit with this. Has anyone else experienced the same situation? Please reply back at your earliest conveniance.
  2. Momof3

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    No you are not, I just read the email they sent me. So much for free ISP, with a family of five 35 hours is not nearly enough online time for us and they charge you 1.99 per hour for anything over 35 hours. Thanks but no thanks, I am VERY disappointed with them right now:(

  3. Hal

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    Free ISP's are almost completely a thing of the past. The concept was based on the providers making income by users "clicking" through on banner ads. This was a horrible failure, as most just ignored the banner ads. The same has happened to Lycos, Bluelight, Netzero, etc.
  4. SisterGirl

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    Well,I'm not surprised since they seem to have sunk a new level of customer satisfaction here lately(which is why their stock is SINKING to an all time low).

    I have fired off an email regarding this matter because even NetZero give 40 hrs free(with option for $9.95 unlimited usage).

    I just wonder if this is being offered based on type of card you carry w/them(I carry standard green charge & know that Momof3 does also).

    We'll see....

    Sister Girl
  5. Jason-AMEX

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    see my post on cardtrack

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