Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SpyGuyJim, May 10, 2000.

  1. SpyGuyJim

    SpyGuyJim Guest

    I'm interested in applying for an AMEX OPTIMA Secured Card. There is no application fee and the anual fee is next to nothing ($35).

    Any cardholders care to share their expierences with AMEX?
  2. Sandra

    Sandra Guest


    I know when I applied, I was declined because of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy I had 5 years ago. Amex was not one of the creditors and I have never had one of their cards. But I called and they told me if you have a bankruptcy on your report, it is automatically denied.
  3. SpyGuyJim

    SpyGuyJim Guest

    Do any other creditors deny Se

    That seems strange especially since the card is touted as a way to reestablish credit.
    (Boy, talk about making a HUGE mistake, my BK7 was in 1993.)

    Are there other secured card issuers that have similiar exclusions?
  4. Gina

    Gina Guest

    I have this secured Optima Card and have had No trouble with them, they actually have been very good. However, I heard that they do not report to credit bureaus until the card becomes unsecured, which varies, but I like the AMEX name.
  5. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    i also have an optima card and they seem pretty good. But, I did call one day and asked if they ever offer increases for good payment history and they said NO!!!.. so I am still holding onto the card because they are a reputabe company. They do however send me alot of junk mail regarding investing money.. have a nice day.. Mike

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