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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Tony, Mar 14, 2001.

  1. Tony

    Tony Guest

    Got great service from AMEX today. I currently have a Rewards Plus Gold Card and called today to do an upgrade to the Platinum Charge Card. First rep said it cannot be done as an upgrade and I would have to apply and wait about 2 weeks for approval and card. Called back and talked to another rep and he transferred me over to the platinum deptartment. The lady said that she can have the card sent to me tomorrow by airbourne express. She did take my social so I'm not sure if they ran an inquiry again. I called 3 hours later to confirm that the account was set up and it was! That is what I call great service.
  2. Saar

    Saar Banned

    True. I had a similar experience earlier this week.

    Called to convert my Optima Platinum to the Sheratorn Starpoint. The rep refused, saying I'd have to apply for that card.

    I called the next day and asked the CS rep to speak w/ an Amex supervisor. The rep asked why, to which I replied I wanted the Sheraton card. She said that won't be necessary, since she'll happily do it for me now.

    As for the Amex web site "log on & check whether you're pre-approved for another card" feature, I've tried it. I was offered the Platinum charge card, but I doubt that means I'm pre-approved for it.

  3. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member


    Where did you see that "check if you are approved for another card" feature?
  4. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    I think you have to click on "I'm already a cardmember." You should see the "check if you are approved for another card" right under it.
  5. mj

    mj Well-Known Member

    Re: AMEX Platinum Upgrade WHY?


    I gotta ask (I'm in the same situation) ... why did you upgrade?

    I looked at the "preapproved" letter... saw the "you are preapproved" on the website ... but just couldn't justify paying an extra $300 ($450 = $300 for primary, $150 for secondary vs. $150 for up to 5 cards on Gold Rewards Plus)?

    I stay at Sheraton, Marriott, and Hilton a lot, so the point-and-a-half deals are pretty good (Platinum doesn't offer it).

    I'd be interested in hearing what made you do it, and if you feel it was worth it.

  6. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    Saar - Click + get the Plat

    Saar - why would you not get the Card? Nobody gets that screen if you are not pre-approved. I'd do it!

    Think about it!

    cya dogman
  7. Tony

    Tony Guest

    Re: Saar - Click + get the Pla

    I'm planning on traveling more often. Also, you will get a free starwood gold upgrade when you're a platinum card holder. I don't mind paying $300 for the fee. I plan on using the concierge service as well as the fine dining service.

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