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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ender, Mar 25, 2001.

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    I used to have an Optima and it has been charged off in 97. However, I was able to get a Corporate Card from AmEx.. I thought that I wouldn't be able to? Was I able to obtain this because of the relationship my company has with AmEx or was it because AmEx hasn't kept records of my last card in their internal blacklist system?

    I wanted to know this before I ever even attempted to apply for the Blue card or such.. anyone know? Thanks..
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    Re: AmEx Question - internal r

    you are lucky - its becuase your company got it.
    If you stiff AMEX - the computers flag you forever - until you pay it back.

    ACTUALLY, AMEX probABLY has very few amounts of bad debt.
    People who stiff them, 20 yrs later want the Card, and pay them back.

    Call them and find out.
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    You can call AMEX and ask them how the approval process worked for your companys cards...

    I recently received an AMEX corporate card (I didn't even know my company was doing this), but it had balance limits (4000 total outstanding, 400 retail restriction). I called them and asked them why I had limits. The Customer Service rep stated that my company requested all participants qualify on their own credit, and thus my limitations..

    Frankly, I'll take it, as I only had a 639 FICO score (and a few problems on my bureau).


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