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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dean, Oct 1, 2000.

  1. dean

    dean Guest

    How long does Amex keep derogatory information if you had a charge off with them? I called them and they would not answer the question. I've read elsewhere that Amex has a "blacklist", and once you get on bad terms with them you will never again be extended credit. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Janet

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    I believe the blacklist is true, and you can't blame them, either.
  3. JacquiG

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    I had an acct with them when I filed BK in Dec 1988, but kept the card. It was closed in summer of '89 after a payment disappeared (I guess they didn't trust me anymore). The remainder went into collection, which I paid off in 1990. They sent me a pre-approval (yeah, I know) in Dec 99, and I did get the green one again.

    During the summer, I called to ask a question, and the rep said something about 'Your other account'. It confused me for a minute, since I only have one, but then she said she was talking about my ORIGINAL acct. So they did know who I was, and gave me another account anyway. Maybe because mine was paid?
  4. dean

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    Thank You!

    That insight on your experience is very helpful and informative. I have made several attempts to pay them back (the amount was only $300), and believe it or not, no one that I talked to on the phone could give me information on how to pay back on my original account. I will try calling Centurion Bank and talking with them per some of the post I have seen here.

    Again JacquiG, thanks for your story!
  5. justme

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    I was an authorized user on my girlfriend's account in the early 90s when we were in college (yes, a college kid with an AmEx). We broke up and she didn't pay, and they tried to come after me but then stopped when they relaized I was only an authorized user. I also made them delete the info from my credit file, which they did. I tried to apply for my own a few years later and was denied because of the way I handled an old account. I believe they do keep a database, and I was too young and not interested enough to dispute that and explain to them I was only an authorized user.
  6. AMEX  rep

    AMEX rep Guest

    Sorry, but there is no blacklist. They do keep all accounts on file though--regardless of previos history--good or bad. you can pay the old debt, and get another account with them--you are not perminately "barred" from membership with them. Chech out the posts by Dogman on this
  7. RichGuy

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    Probably because you paid it relatively quickly. Also, most of the worst AmEx stories deal with accounts discharged in bankruptcy. You kept yours instead of including it in the bankruptcy.

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