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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Randy, Oct 4, 2000.

  1. Randy

    Randy Guest

    I have read conflicting messages on this board about the Optima secure card application being accepted or not. I have spoken to several Amex representatives and have been told yes by one and no by another. Should I take the chance and send application in and see what happens or hold-on to my $200.00. Has anyone just recently applied and been refunded deposit? Thanks for any advice that may come my way!
  2. Killer

    Killer Guest

    Ditto!! I called and one rep said yes and another said no! On another message board a poster named Jason who works for AMEX stated that as far as he knows the card still is unavailable. I don't know what to do!
  3. C

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    and I am still

    I see on the application that it asks for SS# or Tax ID#...could one enter corporate tax ID number or a Business Tax ID#? Since all they ask for is TIN, there would be no fraud if that is all one provided. Also, I notice no where on the app where it even asks for permission to check credit. Does Amex even bother pulling a report? If so with what bureau? Thanks in advance!
  4. Randy

    Randy Guest

    I guess what we could do Killer is send in applications and see what happens! Columbus took a chance!!!The worst that could happen is they send back the deposit.If that happens,then I'll just apply it with some other company that wants my money.
  5. Randy

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    RE: and I am still wondering..

    Sorry that I can't answer you question. This has been the hardest card to get a streight answer to questions from their representatives.
  6. Killer

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    That sounds great. I am waiting on a check that's on its way. I will apply as soon as it arrives. I'll let know when I mail the application and the final outcome. Please let me know when you apply and your final outcome.
  7. Mess. For

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    RE: Amex secure Optima...Randy

    Mailed out application this afternoon after spending all day on phone,finally reaching a Optima rep after going thru 7 customer service reps thru the 800 numbe,finally getting non 800 # and rep.He said that it would take 2 weeks before they would do anythng until the check clears and after that,8 days to process card.Waiting game from here out.Will let you know what the outcome is.
  8. Killer

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    RE: Amex secure Optima...Randy

  9. Paul

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    I know for a fact that this program has been withdrawn for the time being. In August I had my secured Optima card upgraded to an unsecured Optima Platinum and at that time the manager at Centurian Bank who administers the program told me they were having problems with the program because of the parameters used to "migrate" customers from "secured" to "unsecured". It took 2 months and NUMEROUS phone calls to get my card account migrated. I got conflicting information from Optima customer service. Spoke to about 6 people over the course of the two months. They pulled my Trans Union report 4 different times..and finally denied me for a new Optima card. I was told to call Centurian Bank and they would override the denial and issue me the card which ultimately turned out to be true. All in all, it was worth the effort to get it done but it did take patience. I can see how a person without patience or tenacity would give up on them and just keep the secured account. I was denied solely because of credit inquiries on my report...although my credit score was 660. I guess that's an 'over-ridable" offense!! THey certainly made it sound so easy when I got the secured account in 1999!

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