Amex Secured OPTIMA follow up.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mike, Nov 2, 2000.

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    Well, in regards to my increase.. Amex rep said it was a flaw in there system and it effected a bunch of secured accounts and I am now back to my 300.00 limit.. oh well, so much for good payment history.. I will still maintain this card and the rep also stated they will keep the exsisting accounts of other account holders and the rep had no idea about converting the accounts into regular optima cards with no deposit.. she stated that I should apply for the OPTIMA PLATINUM, which is considered to be the next step above the scured card.. I will not be applying for the platinum because I think I might be knocked down and I dont need the extra inquiry on my credit report... Thanks everyone and like I said, This is a great board.. Mike
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    I knew I wasn't trippin....

    It's o.k. Mike, don't still got your foot in the door at Am/Ex and that's all that counts!
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    RE: O.K.!?!?

    Mike- I was depressed when they didn't upgrade me to GOLD from Green Card - after just having the Green Card for 4 months; AFTER approving me with a past paid off balance from a 20 yr old account - and with a current Chap 13 on my report.
    Amex even helped me write the bureaus to tell them the reason for the Chap 13 - illness.

    You're kewl and so am I. We're building credit with the best possible company.
    I was depressed then thought hey, be greatful Dog, they are helping you build credit.

    But there are times when you can push too hard. I will not push for the AMEX Gold until they offer it to me. Let's face it - they gave me the Green Card based on those other factors - personal resources, job, etc,
    not the credit report/

    CYA - You're doing great and you never mind paying with that AMEX label right? :)


    I think they will eventually offer you
    the Optima Platinum - or a no limit Green Card.

    Keep it - add to it - and be proud that whenever you use it anywhere, one phone call
    to AMEX solves all your problems.

    Why not add $100 every month or two to the Card? It goes up to $10000.
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    RE: O.K.!?!?

    Thanks Dogman, I feel much better.. LOL


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