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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CR, Oct 1, 2000.

  1. CR

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    First off, I want to thank everyone on this board for all the great information I have found here. I have learned more than you can imagine in the last month. Your advice and experience are invaluable to me!

    Okay,so what's the general consensus about this card? As someone trying to get their credit back on track (FCNB secured, Cap1 unsecured $200 limit, recently approved for Chevron Credit builder $300.00 limit, high interest car loan approved 03/00, Providian is going to "review" my application) is this something I should be considering?

  2. Jo

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    Well, even though the card is secured, they supposedly are stingy about granting it if you have a recent BK...but it's a great card-doesn't report but after a while (1-2 years) you can negotiate an unsecured AmEx card, which will do wonders for your credit
  3. LTrask

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    FYI: Even if a card doesn't automatically report to the bureaus, you can write them and they'll add your Amer Ex payment history.

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