AmEx turned me down :-(

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by PsychDoc, Jul 17, 2001.

  1. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member

    Why did I waste an Equifax inquiry today with AmEx green when I knew that a FICO 645 was too low? Why? Why? Why?

    Here's why: On a lark, I called American Express today and gave them my pitch. Here's what I said: I explained that I had an AmEx card from 1984 to 1991 when I cancelled the card simply because I was tired of paying the annual fee (dumb, dumb, dumb, I know). I maintained an excellent history with them throughout that time. I also explained that I'm an authorized user on my wife's AmEx gold card and that I've been paying the bill on that every month for the last few years (anywhere from $500 to $2500/month). Then I explained how I blew my credit rating in 1998 and 1999 with late student loan payments and how I subsequently cleaned that up. I've never had a chargeoff or a bk or anything of the like, and we've been completely up-to-date with all bills for the last two years.

    The response: "Sir, those factors are important. We want to help people rebuild their credit. I can take an American Express Charge Card application from you right now. That's the green card, and it's easier to get than others. If you are denied, I can give you an 800 number where you can explain your situation. They work with people whenever they can and will certainly consider everything you've said. May I take your application?"

    Sheesh. Sure, I said. Mistake. I was denied. I called the 800 number I was given: 1-800-641-2400. No dice, sorry, no can do. I spoke with a supervisor. Sorry, nothing doing. Too many derogatory accounts.

    When I mentioned the old American Express account, the answer was to the point: "That account is ten years old and makes no difference." Ok, I should have known. But the current account? "Sorry, sir, you're just an authorized user."

    JUST an authorized user. That pretty much sums up how they feel about authorized users, huh?

    "It makes no difference to us that you claim to pay the bills on that account, sir. It's your wife's account and has no bearing on any application you submit."

    Needless to say I'm bummed, but mostly because I KNEW BETTER THAN TO APPLY QUITE YET. Accounts acquisition people are often bonused commensurate with the number of applications they process. OF COURSE THE LADY WAS GOING TO ENCOURAGE ME TO APPLY. My desire to be approved for AmEx Green again blinded me to the reality.


  2. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member

    One clarification: I really DID have an AmEx account in the 1980s and really DO pay the balances on my wife's AmEx Gold. The "dumb, dumb, dumb" comment referred to my cancellation of my card way back when. I shoulda kept it. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

  3. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member just don't know how sick this makes me. I'm sure you've been reading my saga. It's bunk! I was told the exact same thing at you when I applied in April....that AU doens't mean s*&%!!!! I was like WTF???? What a waste. Now I'm going through other drama! Oh well....
  4. DaveLV

    DaveLV Well-Known Member

    I applied for Amex a couple of months back and was denied. I disputed the inquiry with Experian last month and they took it off the other day.

    So if Amex is an easy inquiry to remove it might not be a bad idea to keep trying and then disputing. :)
  5. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear it Randy. Don't give up hope. My score was 650 whenI got AmEx green. You'll get yours soon.


    GEORGE Well-Known Member


    I just wrote to AMERICANEXPRESS RETENTION to see if they really think I'm a "LOSABLE" CUSTOMER...
  7. Reshod

    Reshod Well-Known Member

    I would not give UP!! I would try another route. Go to, and write to the Amex Corp. office. I wrote to then one time and they called me back within a couple of days.


    This strategy also worked on Chase!!!!

    SCHOLR Well-Known Member

    When I mentioned the old American Express account, the answer was to the point: "That account is ten years old and makes no difference."




  9. LadyC

    LadyC Well-Known Member

    Amex is full of $!@!. I called to cancel my Optima Platinum Saturday because of the low credit limit, and was hoping that I would be offered the gold charge like others in this board. To my surprise I was. But before I read the infor on this board, I had just applied for the green card two hours earlier. To make a long story short, Amex credit dept. @ 800-334-0400 told me that they had no idea about the gold preapproval. The lady was nice enough to contact customer service and look up the notes on my Optima and she said that they would still have to run a credit check. Bottom line she said that I would need a 640 to be approved and my score was 633 because I had 26 inquiries in the last 6 months.
    I was told the the rep I talked to regarding my Optima had no authority to offer me another card and tell me that no inquiry was necessary. Amex is a bunch of liars.
    Planetfeedback didn't work for us. My hubby and I had a membership banking checking account for almost to years and an overdraft line of credit, both in excellent condition and they closed our accounts because of our credit. It's another long story, but the bottom line is we don't have any negatives and never have and we're not on Chex Systems. This closure took place last month and on top of the they approved my hubby for the Amex Plat Cash Costco card and his fico is only 646. Now can someone explain how we can get a new card account, but can't keep our checking account. Amex is full of crap.

  10. Chris

    Chris Well-Known Member

    Interesting that they would not approve you for an Amex card with a FICO of 698? MY "FICO" is around 680 and I have the Amex Platinum Charge, and the Platinum Optima?
  11. durango444

    durango444 Well-Known Member

    Last month I paid off all my debt including 5500 to my Platinum Optima card. So I called Amex to lower my rate and get a credit line increase. The rep. said she could lower my rate to 11.4% and increase my credit line. She then went on a five minute speach about airline cancellation and luggage insurance. Don't ask me why. When she was done, she transferred me to another rep. who asked me what credit line I would like. I said 20k since that was the total of the credit cards I just paid off. A minute later she said that they could not increase my limit at all. I was stunned. I said "Well maybe I should just close the account." She said OK and immeadiately transferred me to another rep. I told him I really did not want to close the account, I was just hoping someone would intervene and offer me an alternative. He did'nt seem to care and my account was closed.
    So within ten minutes of calling Amex to enhance my relationship with them my account was closed. Just so you all know I have 28 lines of credit. Never been late once. I paid off every account I had except for my mortgage. I could not believe this happened. But, it gets better. I tried to contact them on line because of the poor/disinterested customer service and they said they could not help online that I should call customer service.
    I then called customer service. They said the first step is to reopen the account and start the process over again. The rep. said a new card would arrive in the mail in about 7 days. A week went by and there was an envelope from Amex. Inside was a letter stating that they could not reinstate my card. I could'nt even get my card back that I had for four years and paid in full. When I got this letter I called back to customer service and was told there was nothing they could do.
    The whole thing is amazing. Does anyone have any input on this matter?
  12. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member

    Tip for anyone reading this who may speak with a retention rep at some point in the future (whether or not with AmEx):

    Always say that you are "considering closing my account at some point during the next couple of weeks if I'm not offered something better with you." This way, you remain in control with respect to whether or not they close your account. Never outright request that an account be closed immediately unless you are 100% positive that you won't mind if some zealous rep fulfills your request at face value.

    That said, I realize this doesn't fix your situation, Durango! What a bummer! I'm ticked off at AmEx... :(

  13. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member


    These posts are starting to get very interesting.

    Just an update on my current Am/Ex situation. Called 800-641-2400 to check the status of my application. It is STILL being processed and I will receive a response in 8 business days! :(

    This is puzzling. I remember GEORGE had a countdown like that going and then on the last day? they reset the clock???

    Well, I have the CEO's address (thanks SisterGirl!) and I'll be sure to send him a letter via Fed/Ex about my experience!
  14. Mirage

    Mirage Well-Known Member

    Not sure if PF would help but it can't hurt.

    When I had the wife call Providian to lower her APR we very careful in not saying we wanted to close our account if we don't get a lower APR. If memory serves me right, she stated that she was reviewing her APRs on all her cc accounts and wanted to know if Providian can lower the APR. Ret. rep offered her 16.99% right on the spot.

    Best regards,
  15. dinob12

    dinob12 Well-Known Member

    Amex would not let u go on your wifes account as joint account holder ??
  16. durango444

    durango444 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone recommend a name and address of someome at Amex so I can write and express my utter amazement?
  17. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    I have the address but it's at my house. I'll post it when I get home (if someone else doesn't post it before me).
  18. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Re: Wow!

    Ignore it. It then tells you to press something to speak w/ a New Accounts rep. The automated system wouldn't tell you if you were declined, but a rep usually would. Also, if it is "processing" because they need to verify something w/ you, a rep would be able to tell you on the spot.

  19. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    Re: Wow!

    I'll call back and speak to a rep then. BRB!
  20. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Re: Wow!

    Sorry, meant to say "wouldn't ALWAYS tell you if you were declined".

    Crossing my fingers for MP$40 :)


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