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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Bela, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. Bela

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    I am looking for advice and suggestions in my particular situation:

    1- I have a 6-year old business operating in both the US and Canada.

    2- I have a US address and phone numbers under my name and/or my business

    3- I have business bank accounts with 2 US banks.

    4- I have a US Tax id BUT NO US SS#

    5- I have an EXCELLENT credit file in Canada and NO credit file in the US.

    6- I have an Amex-Canada with a credit limit of 18K. I called Amex-Canada looking for an Amex-US credit card. Then I applied over the phone. I gave BOTH my Canadian SS# and my US Tax Id as I do not have a US SS#.
    Amex-US called me back few days after requesting my pay stubs which I faxed to them. Then last Friday, August 08, 2003 I received an Amex-US credit card with a credit limit of 9K, and activated the card.

    Last Tuesday I received a call from someone claiming to be from the Amex-US Security Task Dept. He believes "there is a mistake on my SS# and want to know my SS# or to fax him a copy of my SS# card." The call sounded very suspicious. I asked him his Phone # but when I asked for his name, he hangup. I thought he only wanted to steal my identity BUT when I call the 1-800 # at the back of my Amex-US credit card requesting info on my balance, CL, etc I am automatically transfered to the Security Dept.

    Tody I spent hours at this board reading almost everything about Tax Id #.
    It seems to be illegal to use a Tax Id in lieu of SS# to hide a bad credit file. But does this illegality really apply to me ?

    I do not have any bad credit in US and/or in Canada to hide. I do not intend to commit any kind of fraud. I have read so many times that I can use my Tax Id as my US SS# as long as I do not intend to so to commit any kind of fraud. And I am looking to establish my personal credit in the US.

    Now when I talk to the Amex-US Security Dept, What do think I should say to keep my Amex-US credit card ? What would be ALL the possible outcomes ?

    I am not very sure about what questions to ask you. But what would you do or say if you wear my shoes ?

    Thanks in advance for your input

  2. bellybean

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    I'm not sure of the other issues, but I do know that you shouldn't release your SSN over the phone to anyone!!
  3. Bela

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    Thanks for your reply

    If I CALL the toll free # at the back of my Amex-US Card, I'll be sort of obligated to provide my Canadian SS# and/or my US TIN (Tax Id), don't you think ?

    PS: I do not have a US SS#.

    Tel: 514 736-1324

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