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  1. CCMax

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    Not planning on applying, just curious to see if someone can help me with this problem.

    I turned 18 in high school, and that's when (unbeknownst to me) my mother began applying for credit in my name. She turned them over to me when I went to college, but she had also gotten AU cards for herself and my aunt. One of them was AMEX. I found this out when, they took a trip (1st class to Florida, rented a car, which was totaled by a drunk driver). To this day, I don't know the resolution of the accident and the related charges, but I do know the trip,total close to $6K, was charged on my AMEX, and not a dime of it has been paid. I started getting the collection calls and referred them to her of course. But it was difficult on all of us. She was paying my rent in NYC and didn't have a spare dime to pay off the card, andI of course didn't understand how this was damaging my credit. Well, more than seven years has passed, and the info is gone from my credit reports, but I know I am still on the AMEX blacklist. Is there a way to get off, given my situation? I paid for my expenses on the card before their trip, and I feel I can't demand my mother or my aunt pay them. They've both shelled out so much more than $6K for my upkeep, during college, buying cars, and now furnishing my house. But it seems unless I pay a huge debt that is not really mine, I'll never be able to obtain credit from AMEX (not that I'm even close to qualifying were I not on the blacklist). Is my only recourse to bite the bullet and pay?

  2. Marie

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    several of us have done this exact thing. Pay them if full and you're off the blacklist. Once the account is paid, you can either wait 1 full year and your name will come off the list completely.

    Or you can do like Dogman and pay the debt, apply, get turned down, and plead your case to an account manager. He got his this way :)

    Just as an aside, getting credit in someone else's name is fraud. I understand your feelings here, so if you want to fix the situation the only way now is to pay the debt in full.
  3. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    Marie is 100% correct.
    You gotta pay it in full - or just forget AMEX.
    FYI - I appreciate the way you stated the situation. But - it sounds like even though they did the wrong thing when you were 18, they have furnished your place, rent, etc.

    Probably just let bygones be bygones.

    But for AMEX - they only accept 100% payment - and that does not guarantee you a new card. But I am sure they would get you a Green Card after you repaid.

    Diners Club was easy to get with good credit w/ citibank - that's an option.

    c ya dogman
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    Actually, you can NEVER get off the AMEX "blacklist." Well, there is no blacklist per se, what they do is keep a record of each and every account you have ever had with them and all payment history. When you apply for a card--basic or AU--they run an internal inquiry to see your history with them. Thus, you can NEVER get off the list regardless of your current payments. However, you can talk with credit and explain the situation. You might need some documentation that it was "fraud" to prove your case. Good luck!
  5. tom65432

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    You will have a hard time arguing fraud at this time. Waiting all these years hurts your chances.

    Also, it should be off your credit reports now because it is seven years. Doesn't paying it off mean that they can report it for another 7 years?

    Its just me, but I would not pay off a debt run up by someone else.

    There is no compelling reason to get an AMEX. Just accept that you will never get one and go for another card.
  6. aigle

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    Chirrup, you don't need American Express for anything. Put them on YOUR blacklist.
  7. CCMax

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    Thanks all for the advice. It's exactly what I expected. And I agree there are no compelling reasons for me to have an AMEX right now; I just hate that I can't ever have it unless I repay someone else's debt. You've given me a lot to consider. Thanks again.

  8. Saar

    Saar Banned

    No. But it's a common misconception.

  9. Geo

    Geo Well-Known Member

    You don't need them, just forget Amex, It's a waste of time.
    Apply for Citibank, It's so much better company!!.

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