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  1. Anon

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    I listed AmEx for $12k in Chap7 B/K (1991). Just received a preapproved letter for green basic card. Called AmEx and explained they were listed as creditor in my B/K and was told I should reapply. Did the instant phone app but was told decision pending. AmEx rep did not sound very knowledgeable. Still waiting for written decision which should be declined since they keep history of all previous account experience. Don't understand why they issued the preapproved letter and why their rep indicated I should apply again. FICO scores ok 740. B/K is still listed with CRA.
  2. Cadillac408

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    Why did you apply then? You said yourself that, "Still waiting for written decision which should be declined since they keep history of all previous account experience"?????

    I'm confused? :-o

    Why did you get a pre-approval letter? Gee...probably for the same reason people's PETS get pre-approval letters.
  3. Anon

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    AmEx rep said to reapply. Explained everything to him and he said it might still be approved. Do you think they get some type of compensation for number of applications they process; or they have a quota?
  4. Momof3

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    From what EVERYONE says Amex keeps records FOREVER, I highly doubt they will approve, noone here has been able to do it except DOGMAN:), but that is a whole different story.
  5. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Who are "they" ?!

  6. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    They= AMex

  7. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    Sorry Saar

    you were referring to the "they" in the Anon post weren't you??

  8. Saar

    Saar Banned

    "They" in Anon's message can't mean Amex, because s/he was talking about a quota.

    I suspect s/he referred to Amex EMPLOYEES as having to fill a quota. Which is impossible in that respect. The applications aren't coded to show who is the initiating employee, therefore no quota can be applied.

  9. cadman

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    RE: Amex (long) here's what I

    I have been in contact with Amex via email regarding my Ch 7 bk in 05/1993, here is what they said.

    Our records indicate that the agency that has been handling your accounts since 1999 is Becket & Lee. You may contact them directly at the address listed below.

    16 General Warren Blvd 800-962-6030
    Malvern, PA 19355 610-993-8493 Fax (610)644-7800

    We appreciate hearing from you. If you have additional questions, please feel free to e-mail us again.

    Have a great day!


    E. Roose
    Email Servicing Team
    American Express Interactive Services

    My reply:
    Dear Sirs:

    Thank you for your previous response. I have moved rather slow with all the holidays. I do however have a couple more questions before I proceed any further. First, is the company listed a collection agency - If so, are they collecting on your behalf or do "they" own the debt? Next question is this; if I do repay the "discharged debts", how long would I have to wait to be eligible for a American Express Green charge card again?

    Their response:
    The collection agency collects on behalf of American Express. Once the account is paid off, you can apply for a card after one year.

    We appreciate hearing from you.

    H. Greene
    Email Servicing Team
    American Express Interactive Services

    Beckett & Lee? They are listed as Bk attorneys. I have read somewhere that it is illegal to repay a discharged debt without reopening the BK and doing a reaffirmation agreement. Anyone know anything about this?

    Sorry this is so long, but hope it will help some of you. :)

  10. molly

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    Of course the get something for having you apply. I don't know the details though.
  11. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    I bet you still need to pay back AMEX B4 they reissue a new account.

    Your scores are fabulous, but AMEX Rep Jason has confirmed, and I do so again now - you gotta pay them.

    Your TRWs approved you for the offer.
    The REP was misinformed when she told you to reapply. You're flagged forever until you pay them. BUT ITS WORTH IT 2B W AMEX!

    CYA Dogman
  12. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    MOM - UR Right!!

    I paid them $1700 balance due from 20 years ago.

    They approved me for the Green Card with a current Chap 13 on my reports - filed in 1996.

    They will help! BUT - you gotta pay them.
  13. Anon

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    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I am still waiting for the denial letter. It has been 2 weeks. I was expecting to receive several days after the app. The Chapter 7 B/K is now off all 3 CRAs.

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