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    amex1card is this something new from american express. what is it and is it easier to get.
  2. ble103

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    AMEX1 is a brand new card product that AMEX is getting ready to come out this fall.This card replaces what used to be secured optima cards.All secured optima accounts with AMEX will close on 03/31/01.When AMEX rolls out this new card in september of this year,you will need to apply for it,and if you are approved then AMEX will charge you fees associated with the card which is on the expensive side.This card is unsecured with a low limit starting out,but as a person that manages their credit responsibly AMEX will eventually increase their credit line based on how well that person manage their money.
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    Where Are You Getting Info?

    I have to ask this? Did you see my prior post on the secured Optima? I called today and they have no plans of canceling my card???? They stated that no new deposit accounts would be accepted but knew nothing of the secured program being terminated after 3/01.
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    Re: Where Are You Getting Info

    I called AMEX also. They had no intentions of closing my account either.

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