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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by $wealth$, Aug 3, 2001.

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    Well this is a strange product. A friend of mine has an Amoco/Diners Club Card.

    It looks like a regular Diners Club Card, with the exception of having Amoco Torch Club logo in the upper right hand corner.

    He uses this card for gas purchases and anywhere else Diners Club is accepted. It also has a cash advance feature which can be accessed from any ATM or via checks.

    Strangely, his statement is from Amoco. He has had this card since 1984.

    Does anyone on this board have this card? How easy/or not is it to obtain? Is this a discontinued product?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. dogman

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    Yup - when I lived back east - about 1983-85 I had this card. You originally apply for just the Amoco Gas card.

    After you get the card, a month or two later they send a preapproved card like you describe.
    It is a Diners Card - and when it is presented - it appears to be a Diners. The Torch also means there is a very definite credit limit - mine yrs back was $500.

    You could call Torch or look on web to ask customer service to see if it is being offered to new consumers. Diners in this case is just providing the plastic.

    They do not have stations in the WEST!

    c ya dogman
  3. mj

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    Re: I HAD THIS CARD!!!

    I think that card was killed off when Amoco sold off their credit card operations to Associates.

    Then again, since Citibank (owner of Diners Club) bought Associates, maybe they'll bring it back?

    I do remember being in Chicago a few years ago, rushing to the Airport, filling up the rental car at an Amoco. My Diners Club card wasn't working. Attendent said they only took Diners Club cards with the torch. I never followed up on that- but it sounded fishy.

    Strange industry.
  4. dogman

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    That pretty much confirms that the Diners Club plastic was not even run through the regular Diners processes.

    c ya Dogman

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