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    Im trying to crunch my credit cards down. I started out with 11 new cards that I received from March 2001-present. Im trying to get less credit cards and more credit lines.


    I started with:
    citi dividend platinum
    citi drivers edge platinum
    cit click platinum
    household bank
    gm card
    capital one gold
    providian classic
    ny and company fashion charge
    spiegal charg
    friedman's jewelers

    I then, -combined citi drivers edge and citi dividend and found out that my friedman's jewelers card is not a "credit card" it was an "retail installment contract".

    Note: If you have cards with citi bank that you want to combine...go for it...citibank is SO easy to deal.

    Today, I called citibank and combined my click onto my citi dividend.

    So, now im at:
    citi dividend platinum 4400 cl
    gm card 1500 cl
    household bank card 1500 cl
    capital one gold 2700 cl
    providian classic 200 cl
    discover 1000 cl
    spiegal charge 400 cl
    ny and company fashion charge 250 cl

    Im getting there, im getting them crunched. Im waiting for a letter from household bank to arrive where i can fill out a form and combine the household onto gm card. My goal is to have 4 majors, 2 store, and a loan....ill go for the loan when i do my secured loan build credit method...soon!

    we'll see what goes

    ~Parties, Love, and Happy valley~

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