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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ms. Cinder, Aug 7, 2001.

  1. Ms. Cinder

    Ms. Cinder Active Member

    I printed all three of my credit reports....and on all of my bad debt...where it says says "Credit line closed-Grantor request-reported by subscriber. Debt included in or discharged through Bankruptcy Chapter 7, 11, question is....can I dispute this?? I never filled ex hubby did....O' and another question...There is one bad debt and under remarks it says "Voluntary surrender"....well....I never surrender it ..he did...and I never signed any papers agreeing to can I dispute this??? any advice..????
    Ms. Cinder
  2. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Can you? - YES!

    Mother May I? Still YES!

    Dispute as not yours never had it. Never signed for it. (period) As long as the debt is not yours(no signature), the BK is not yours(no signature), it's his, dispute dispute dispute. Is your SS# included with the BK or debt?

  3. Ms. Cinder

    Ms. Cinder Active Member

    I don't think my SS# is on any of his BK papers...unless he put them thier....which..he could of....but I have another question then.....If I didnt sign for a few of the credit cards that are on my credit.....can I dispute them .....saying I never agreed to be a joint applicant....because...I know that I never signed....Thanks for the advice...
    Ms. Cinder
  4. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    A lawyer would say that a signature is not needed in all cases...I am not a lawyer...I would dispute it. "Not mine, never was mine. Prove it" Make them prove it is your debt. They will not be able to.

  5. Ms. Cinder

    Ms. Cinder Active Member

    THANKS NAVE....I will try to dispute guys are great....
  6. bingo

    bingo Member

    Are you in a community property state? That will make a big difference. All debts in a comm prop state are shared equally - no matter who signed.

    I'm assuming the BK was after the divorce? I've seen on a few credit reports the notation "Included in other party BK" or something to that effect - in other words, the account was included BUT it wasn't your BK - it was for the other half owner of the debt.

    Now - if you're not in a comm prop state things are different - and I don't know much about that since I don't live in one.

    Good luck.

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