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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Desdemona, Mar 12, 2001.

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    Can't you tell I did a lot of thinking this weekend. I have paid charge off from Capital One (c/o date 2/98) paid a settlement of 1,100 of 1,400 and have been trying to remove it since 11/00 no luck so far. So here's my question... does Capital One forgive and forget? Could/should I apppy for a Capital One card?

    My current history is.. 23 months good pay on five accounts, total credit 10,100 with roughly 6500 available. No mortage, one car loan 14,000 rough pay last year. I need one more major (1,500 limit) so I can start house hunting in 2002. I dream about have only 4 cards with higher limits so I can get rid of my two small sub-prime (1st Premier (350) and BankFirst (600)). But I know that I need them when I apply for the mortage showing over 24 months of good pay. I'm in a catch 22, don't really want them but can't close em.

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