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    Called my house and got my wife, the debt is in my name only, he told her it was my debt, the amount, where it is from, and asked her when I was going to pay. She told him she can't speak for me and that he can not by law be discussing my debt with her. He got an attitude with her and told her it was legal for him to talk to her about MY debt because Florida has a law that says its ok to do that. She basically told him he was full of sh** and he asked her again "so he's not going to pay?" she said you need to talk to him about it and he said he would note the account as not going to pay and would take further action. The debt is an old CC debt SOL has long passed(last payment in 1996).

    I think this guy is full of it and want to sue them for discussing my debt with someone else. I dont think it matters if it is my wife it is still illegal. Any one with any info or law to the contrary? I have read the Florida statutes and FDCPA and I don't think they can discuss my debt(in my name only) with someone else even if it is my wife?
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    No they can't. Easy money.

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    Bumping them won't help.

    Sue them

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    The collection agency was names RMS? Anyone have an address for them as this was the first time I have heard from them and they have not sent me any letters.
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    Them monkeys make it all seem so benign & simple, don't they?

    Just imagine how many people might fall for that little trap, and 7 more years of bad luck on top of it all.

    Just imagine people reading the comments of OLD GASEOUS here on the board telling them how they ought to pay thier bills and they wouldn't have all these problems.

    Breeze, on second thought, you ought to be ashamed of yourself for posting that link and giving OLD GASEOUS an extra bit of ammo to fire at us.

    I can see it all now.
    "Look folks, your good friends at the collection agencies are even starting to make it easy for you to pay up what you rightfully owe right here on line. All you gotta do is click on the link for the appropriate collection agency you owe the money to and pay up for a change. You know you owe the bill, so do the right thing and pay your bills instead of listening to these jerks trying to tell you how to avoid your debts."

    Shame on you Breeze:
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    Well, Bill, actually there are some decent collectors out there. A few months ago, I mailed a payment to a company that had very graciously extended me a small amount of credit, no interest for 90 days, etc. and I had used it to purchase a Christmas gift. I had sent the payment regular mail in plenty of time, and assumed everything was fine. A couple of months later, I got a "late notice" from them, adding interest, etc. I called and discovered they had not gotten my payment (or had lost it). I went looking for the cancelled check, couldn't find anything where it had cleared. Checked and looked and rechecked. Nothing.

    Then I forgot about it when I was paying my regular bills because it had been put in a different pile of mail (bad system).

    Next thing I know, I get a letter from a collection agency. I sent them a check right then, took it to the PO to make sure it got mailed. The next day I get my original check, envelope all shredded, everything wrapped in plastic, with a letter from the post office apologizing. The equipment had ripped out part of the "mail to" address, and eventually it had been returned to me at the return address.

    I wrote the original creditor a letter explaining what happened, sent a copy of the letter and the mess I had received from the PO, and apologized for the inconvenience. No one ever dinged my report. I got a nice letter back accepting my apology and a catalogue for their products with an invitation to use their 90 days no interest billing again.

    Just one of those things. I guess I could rant and rave about the post office, but what good would that do? These errors and nonsense are just part of life in this automated age. We get the benefits most of the time, the screw ups every now and then.

    That collection agency could have put me through the wringer, but they didn't. The merchant just wanted his money, and that was his only recourse at that time. Somebody has to do it or commerce will be impeded.

    I am not making light of the awful incidents I read on here, and I know they are true. I was lucky and got a decent one is all.

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