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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Eboni, Nov 12, 2000.

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    Try Netbank. They are offering the best deal in my opinion. I like Wingspan but the deal I have they don't offer anymore.

    Netbank offers no fee checking with 3% interest, no minimum. I'm 24 and I have all the perks.
    I was also lucky enough to sign of with Wingspanbank as one of their first few customers. I pay nothing on my checking. No minimum and I earn interest. I can use all of the BankOne ATM's for free!!! Totally free!! And if I use another banks ATM that charges me I get reimbursed up to $5 a month.

    The Centurion Bank Terms are not that great at all. I looked and was thinking of opening an account since I have my 401K with them, but there was no point. They could beat any deal I have and hell my local banks do even better then them. They charge $7.50 a month unless you have 2500 in your checking account and only give you 2% interest. Or you can earn no interest and maintain 1K and not pay the $7.50 a month.

    Unless your a major high roller this account is not for you. Keeping that kind of money in a Checking account is just plain dumb. You can opening a money market with 6% interest at Netbank with $100.

    Think it over. Sure it would be cool to bank with AMEX and people would be impressed. But I pay all my bills online and use my VISA checkcard at the stores. AMEX doesn't offer an Optima Checkcard.

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