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    By now thousands of copies of the deposition file have been downloaded world-wide.

    Many of you may feel that CCB is going to really freak your lives out; perhaps you may be a bit afraid. Therefore let me put
    your fears to rest with my complete answers to their deposition request. Because CCB Lawyers and Rocco now bookmark this
    site, and every major search engines leads you here, I feel it is my responsiblity to protect everyone who has/will post here.

    I have talked this over with lots of lawyers and law school professors, and after they stopped laughing the group agreed that
    CCB must be either criminals or stupid to sue "John Doe."

    Now you can laugh! hehehehehehehehehehehehe

    I strongly suggest you download the deposition requested linked below to understand my responses fully.
    If you have any questions, my direct phone number is: (216) 941-7084 Cleveland Ohio.

    Here we go!

    First thing, I will show up for this thing, even though I have to miss class do do so, the law school professors say this should be
    good practice experience for me.

    Documents Requested & status:

    Name, USPS address and email of Defendant: "John Doe or More Facts"
    John "More Facts" Doe
    100 Anystreet
    Anycity, State, USA

    Registration to use message board: 1st Amendment

    Other names used by Defendant: Jane Doe

    Email address of Defendant: email@someisp.something

    ISP/IP - Internet Provider - AOL, MSN, AT&T, Company Server, Free Internet, Hacker

    Post Office Protocols used by Defendant: Microsoft Windows (Most Likely) or AOL

    Mail Servers used by Defendant: Microsoft Windows (Most likely) or AOL

    Internet Gateways - Any popular form

    IP Logs - None

    Documents concerning

    Gerald O. Strothers Jr.
    Law Box 35182
    Cleveland, OH 44135
    Admin and Billing Contact
    See: for more details

    Docments concerning Cross Country Bank! LOL
    None - I don't have an account with this bank!!!!!

    The vague request also does some early Christmas Shopping when it asks for the following:

    Info in the following nicks:
    "hole scamp"
    "Cold Turkey"
    "Bull Nose"

    And all the other url locations requested

    I refer every one of those to the 1st Amendment for answers.


    When I set-up this site, there was never any thought of cookies which trace who/what/where everyone comes from. There is no
    log maintained by the hosting companies ValueWeb or 3DWeb. Why? I am a strong fan of the 1st Amendment, therefore only
    God, Bill Gates (MSN), or Steve Case (AOL) would be able to trace any of this stuff.

    So far the attacks from Cross Country Bank against me have been funny for a while, however this is simply sad.

    To the Cross Country Bank Lawyers:
    Please bill your client for everything you can. These campers have billions in assets, don't give them a Monty Hall deal, stick it to
    them with extensive legal costs. Hell, you guys/gals need to call me and perhaps meet for lunch! Yeah, lets do lunch at a very
    expensive place near Cleveland State University Ohio. I am about sick of campus food anyways, this can all go on the CCB tab
    My personal preference is for seafood such as lobster and shrimp, I would prefer to go somewhere that lets us wrap-up what is
    not eaten, therefore I'll order an entire banquet of food for my afternoon class.

    To everyone watching this attack world-wide, do not take this so seriously! Laugh about it and pass it on to someone who
    needs to know, ie. reporters anywhere. CCB can't have bought out every news operation around the world. We need press
    coverage to really showcase this situation!

    Now I'm going back to sleep, my day off!


    Get a complete copy of the CCB Deposition request on Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf

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