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    Earlier this week you answered some questions for me regarding a repo. Today I got the standard "this account has been listd with our office for collection" letter. There was no threat of legal action. Just giving me the 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt. I did some further checking. My credit reports show the date of last activity as June of 1995 for Arizona Bank who was the original creditor. Arizona Bank was bought out by Compass Bank. They are listing the date last activity as April of 1996, which is wrong. The car was repossessed in Sept. of 1995 and my last payment was in June of 1995. I am assuming that the statute will run out this month and that the date Compass is using is probably the date they took over the old bank? Now what should I do?
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    Iâ??d like to email some very interesting info about Compass/Arizona Bank, such as the name of the collections manager (whom I know) and the name of a certain contact there. I think itâ??s best, given the sensitive nature of my knowledge, that all discussions from here out take place through PRIVATE email.

    Thanks in advance for understanding, and for your email address or post to mine:
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    Thanks for the response Anthony. I have sent you an email.

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