Any experience settling w/Citibank?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by 23, May 16, 2001.

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    My mortgage company says I've got to settle my "past due" accounts which includes Citibank and AMEX. I used to have a bunch of charge offs but got most of them deleted. These (Citibank and AMEX) just won't die and it's time to settle. Any suggestions on the approach? I'm thinking of having my attorney do it. I'll obviously keep the "mortgage thing" out of the conversation but any insights would be appreciated.

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    I have settled with citibank for 55% of the total balance in the past. Deal directly with them not the CA and you will get a better deal. The last account I settled for myself was in 95. I still cant get a citibank card Im always declined for having had a bad account with them. I tried to go to them a couple of months ago and pay the settled amount to get off their blacklist. I approached them through planetfeedback. I was given a special number to call. The lady who answered asked me where I got that number as it was very unusual for her to get calls. Anyway she looked up my account and told me citiback would not accept any further payments from me, the account was settled and that was that. So I remain on their blacklist.
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    Maybe you should settle on an amount through your attorney for the Citibank account? There are many other good issuers of Mastercard & Visa. If you ever want to establish another relationship with Amex, I would suggest paying them in full. If your credit is good or when it is good, they will give you another chance. They are the most forgiving company out there and their customer service is awesome. Just a suggestion. Good luck to you!!
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    Good counsel guys. Thanks.

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