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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by David, May 12, 2001.

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    ...from anyone familiar with score increases.

    My Equifax: 603 (with one paid/zero collection, one unpaid $68)

    My Experian: 633 (with two unpaid collections for the same $68)

    My Transunion: I don't know the score, but it has the same two unpaid $68 collections.

    Through the "warfare" letter, one of the $68 accounts is being deleted (within the next 30 days, according to the CA), from ALL three bureaus (it happens to be the one on all 3).

    I haven't heard back yet from the "other" CA with the same $68 (showing on Experian and TU).

    Anyone have any insight on what this will do to my score (the one collection deletion)? And, looking further, if BOTH $68 CA's are deleted, what might the effect be?

    Just curious--


    PS--Anyone familiar with a good method to remove student loan late payments from 1995 (14 of 'em--yes FOURTEEN, and yes, it was all my fault)-- please email me at or point me in the right direction from the board.

    Thanks again.

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