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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Lanoro, Sep 1, 2000.

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    Someone gave me info on two companies who add credit to your report. What I mean is that they sell you aged accounts and then go apply these accounts to your credit reports through their own accounts with the CRA's. I have emailed with someone who claims to have purchased some aged accounts from one of these companies. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about them?
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    RE: Any know about these credi

    I don't know, that sounds a little shady to me??
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    RE: Any know about these credi

    I recall last year seeing many firms offering this service but for whatever reason most are gone or no longer offering this service.

    Now in "theory" this action is considered illegal, but in practice is done in a negative fashion daily by dozens of collection agencies. Certainly the CRA's deem it permissable as they will report ANYTHING (negative or positive) as long as somebody pays them.

    I would most appreciate if you would post here any further information you hear from this individual.

    As well, would certainly like to here from others who have had positive experiences.
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    RE: Any know about these credi

    Yes you are right! It is shaddy as far as what I was told on how it works. I mentioned two but there are 3 that I have heard of now. I'll have to track down the other two companies sites but for now here is one that I have:

    The person who told me about these companies said they are like traveling sales men but he was able to secure a few 5 year old loans totaling $30,000
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    RE: Any know about these credi

    That site looks like they are selling instructions for how to set up your own shady "fake good credit" service.

    Perhaps this company has already been caught and banned from the bureaus, so they need to get other people to set up fake creditor companies for them, and possibly split the alledged profits. Note that this "business opportunity" involves an up-front "investment," and encourages people to set this up at home, which would look *very* suspicious when applying for a bureau reporting subscription, with a high chance of rejection, by which time this company may have changed names and moved to another city.

    The type of "business opportunity" deal is likely to try to recruit the customers/prospects of the service as "reps," so that when someone goes around claiming that some company sold them some fake account listings, s/he may just be a "shill."

    Not to mention the fact that their odd conspiracy/masonic-looking/pyramid logo features the phrase, "To Serve Man," which was the title of an old "Twilight Zone" episode about space-aliens making nice promises and rounding up people for food...

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