Any old get this?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by newhouse, Mar 20, 2001.

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    Had a Line of Credit with It got sold to EMCC - who have been horrendous at sending out statements/bills in a timely manner. In fact, I still haven't gotten my update/bill due at the end of Feb. I remembered that I had to pay it, and then promptly forgot to do it until yesterday (my fault I know) when I got soemthing weird in the mail.

    It was from a collection agency, offering to settle my LOC at 80%. (FWIW, I have never been late on this payment before)

    The account is not currently being reported to any credit bureau....I'm interested in taking their 80% offer, but I'm concerned about how to do it to protect myself.

    I'm a little amazed that EMCC would sell my account to collection agency for a first time 20-day late, without so much as a phone call or mailing to remind me that I"m late.

    Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. breeze

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    Re: Any old get this

    No, but I have a balance with them too. I send myself a reminder from yahoo calendar each month. The second month EMCC had the account, I got a "collection" call from them on the 31st, I told them they must be mistaken, that I had already paid, and they said, "oh, sorry." They're not exactly on top of things I guess.
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    Re: Any old get this

    I too owe them a little and I was furious last month got bill on Feb 28 and due date stated Feb 28, I called and raised hell. But why would they send it to a collection company considering THEY ARE a collection company???
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    Re: Any old get this

    NO, I am not getting anything but I paid my account in full in February but I was actually late in January because I was in the process of moving. But I have never gotten a late fee which I thought I might have gotten or any other future bills so I assume I am all paid up.

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